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A) as many kinds of sport as you can; b) some open-air games; c) sortie indoor games.

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  2. B) Persuade your partner to start practising sport immediately.
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  4. Characterize the attitude of the British to sport. Complete the given passage, making use of the following word combinations from the box. Extend the statements.
  5. Explain the advantages of taking up sports. Reproduce the given narration filling in the right words from the columns.

Ex.4. Speak on each kind of sport on the list below; briefly describe. Say a few words about i ts advantages and attractive features:

mountaineering, rowing, yachting, hockey, tennis, basket-ball, volley-ball,-chess, boxing, wrestling, fencing, artistic gymnastics, figure-skating, skiing, skating, ski jumping, sky-diving, archery, discus throwing, wind­surfing, steeplechase, marathon.

Ex.5. Write 10 questions about the text.

Grammar: The Passive Voice.


  to be + Participle II  
Tense Active Passive
Present Past Future (Indefinite) ask asked will ask am/is/are asked was/were asked will be asked
Present Past Future (Continuous) am /is/are asking was/ were asking will be asking am/is/are being asked was/were being asked - ---
Present Past Future (Perfect) have/has asked had asked will have asked have/has been asked had been asked will have been asked  


· We use the passive when it is not so important (or unknown) who or what did the action. We use the passive only when we don’t know or don’t want to say who did it.

My article was published yesterday. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

· Only the verbs which take an object can go into the passive. Intransitive verbs can’t be used in the Passive Voice. They are: to fly, to arrive, to be, to become, to have, to lack, to possess, to consist, to belong, to hold, to suit, to resemble, to fit, to appear, to seem, to come, to go, to last.

· If you want to say who did or what caused the action, use by or with It was destroyed by fire.


Ex.6. Define, what verbs are transitive and what verbs are intransitive?

To go, to take, to find, to lie, to stop, to win, to swim, to come, to speak, to show, to look at, to like,to discuss, to stand, to spend, to miss, to stay, to listen to, to ski, to use, to change, to recognize, to skate, to hear, to build, to examine, to leave.


Ex.7.Put the sentences into the Passive Voice where possible.

1. Someone will drive you to the airport.2. Goldfish live in fresh water. 3.The Egyptians built pyramids.4. We walked four miles yesterday.5. They arrived at 7. Last night.6. They informed me about it. 7.I slept till 8. 8. It’s raining. 9.They have sold their car to pay the debts.10. They hold a meeting in the village hall once a week. 11. They have proved that there is no life on the Moon.


Ex.8. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Indefinite or Past Continuous Passive.

Example: They shut the window.-The window was shut.

1.The student (ask) to tell the story again.2. Such mistakes (make)by even the best students. 3. A modern tune (play) when we came into the hall. 4.Every morning the workers (tell) what they had to do. 5. The houses (build) of stone, brick and wood. 6.At last the problem (solve) to everyone’s satisfaction.7.A new museum then (open). 8. A week ago two students of our group (choose) for jury service.9.Last Friday he (meet) at the railway station.10.The living –room (sweep),(mop) and (dust). It is clean now.

Ex.9.Express the following sentences in the passive. Do not mention the subjects of the active verbs.


Example: They asked me my name and address.

1. Someone told us a very funny story yesterday. 2.The people gave him a hearty welcome. 3.They have offered my brother a very good job.4.The house agents showed us some very nice flats. 5. The secretary didn't tell me the exact time of my appointment. 6. The teacher hasn’t asked Peter any questions at this lesson.7.People wished the newly married couple a long and happy life.8.They never tell me the family news.9. He didn’t tell me the whole truth.


Ex.10.Open the brackets, using the correct form of the Passive Voice.

1.This copy (not read). The pages (not cut) 2.Why the car (not lock) or (put) into the garage? 3.I’m not wearing my black shoes today. They (mend).4. This room (use) only on special occasions.5. He was taken to hospital this afternoon, and (operate on) tomorrow morning.6. The damaged buildings (reconstruct) now, the reconstruction (finish) by the end of the year. 7.The paintings (exhibit) till the end of the month.8. She heard footsteps, she thought she (follow).9. Normally this street (sweep) every day, but it (not sweep) yesterday.


Ex.11.Translate into English.

1. Дом был отремонтирован, забор был покрашен и много новых фруктовых деревьев было посажено в саду к тому времени когда он вернулся. 2. Она показала мне статью которая была переведена ее братом. 3. Этот завод был построен к маю. 4. К семи часам вчера все документы были готовы. 5. Когда мы получили их телеграмму товары были доставлены в порт. 6.Где сейчас строят это здание? 7.Где строятся такие здания? 8.Когда будет построено это здание? 9.Опять обсуждается этот вопрос? 10.Лекции этого профессора всегда слушают с большим интересом.11.Его всегда любили б и ему всегда доверяли.


Unit 9


Text: Sport in our life.

Grammar: The Passive Voice.

Практические цели: введение и закрепление грамматической темы: The Passive Voice и выполнение грамматических упражнений на закрепление. Ознакомление лексического материала по теме "Sport" и закрепление активной лексики в речевых упражнениях.

Sports and gam e s popular in England

— What would you say are the most popular games in England today?

— Well, I suppose football, that is, soccer, racket and cricket.

— What are the other outdoor games?

— Oh, there's tennis, hockey, golf, and so on. Tennis is played all the, year round—on

hard courts or grass courts in summer, and on hard or covered courts in winter.

— What about horse-racing?

I should say that is one of the most popular sports in Great Britain. Then there are, of course,

walking-races, running, swimming and boxing.

— I've been told that there are no winter sports in England.

— Well, you see; the English winter isn't very severe as a rule and we don't often have the

chance of, skiing, skating or tobogganing, but winter is the great time for hunting, provided

the ground is not too hard.

— Is there any golf to be had near London?

— Oh, yes, any amount. There are dozensof good golf-links within an hour/or so of London.

You ought to join a golf club if you're keen on the game.

— I think I shall if I get the chance. What about indoor games?

— Well, there's chess, billiards, cards, table tennis... By the, way, do you play billiards?

— Well, but of 'course, I'm not a professional or a champion, justan ordinary amateur and not a

very good one at that.

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