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Ex.6.Read the situation and write a sentence. Use the words in brackets.

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  1. A look through the descriptions of things you can do with music and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold type.
  2. A) Brainstorm the words which come to your mind when you think of flight.
  3. Abbreviations of words
  4. And write your own sentences with the same word-combinations,
  5. B) Think of situations or microdialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a reply to it using the words mentioned above.
  6. B) Write sentences of your own using the phrases in bold type. Address them to the other students who should reply them expressing their approval or disapproval.
  7. Beyond words: ritual exchanges and codes of conduct.

Example: He seldom keeps his promise.(he/can/rely/on)

1.The child is very ill.(the doctor /send/for) 2. The old car is in excellent condition.(it/look/after /well). 3. He was speaking for two hours. (he/listened to/ in silence) 4. She is going into hospital tomorrow. (she/ take good care of). 5. This little boy is always dirty. (he/look after/ properly).6. She is always breaking things in the kitchen. (she/speak to/about her carelessness)7. He’s a sensible man.(his advise/listen to carefully) 8.The dentist said her teeth were very bad.(they/ take care of). 9. He never broke a promise in his life.(he/ come/rely on)10. Shakespeare was born more that 400 years ago.(he/look upon/the greatest of English poets)


Ex.7.Put the following into the passive, mentioning the agent where necessary.

1.You can’t wash this dress.(it / dry-clean).2. They discuss unimportant things.(a lot of time/waste). 3. They will type your letters in a minute.(the letters/ type/ in the other office) 4. I can’t play now.(my piano/ repair/ at the moment) 5. The guests ate other sandwiches, and drank all the lemonade.(nothing/ leave). 6. I can’t find my parcel anywhere.(it/ post?) 7. I have no information.(I/ inform/ of the change of the plan).8.I’m afraid we have sold all our copies but we have ordered more.(more/ order).9. The letter can’t be mailed.(it/ not stamp). 10. I would like to meet her mother.(I/ not introduce/ yet).


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