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Ex.1.Read and act out the dialogue.

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Ex.1. What do you call a person who goes in for:

wrestling, cycling, weight-lifting, swimming, diving, running, mountaineering, boxing, skiing, racing, hunting, playing football, playing chess, playing draughts, ath­letics, skating, playing volley-ball, playing basket-ball, playing hockey?


Ex.2. Fill in prepositions if necessary:

Sport is very popular... Britain.... other words a lot... British people like the idea... sport; a lot even watch sport, especially... the TV. However, the number who actively take part... sport is probably quite small. '4;'the whole British people prefer to be fat rather than fit.

The most popular spectator sport is football. Football is played... a Sunday afternoon... most British towns and the fans, or supporters... a particular team will travel... one end... the country... the other to see their team play.

Many other sports are also played... Britain, including golf... which you try to knock a ball... a hole; croquet... which you try to knock a ball... some hoops; basket­ball... which you try to get a ball... a net; tennis... which you try to hit a ball so that your opponent cannot hit it and cricket which is played... a ball, but is otherwise incomprehensible. As you can see, if the ball had not been invented, there would have been no sport.

Actually that's not quite true. Athletics is not played... a ball, nor is horse-racing. Perhaps that explains why they are not so popular as football.


Ex.3.Answer the following questions. Do not answer in one sentence. Add something else:

1. What kind of sport do you go in for? 2. Do you play draughts? 3. Do you attend hockey matches? 4. What football team do you support? 5. Did you ever try figure-skating? 6. Who usually likes tobogganing? 7. What do spectators do at the stadiums? 8. Where are boat-races I held in Moscow? 9. What is the most popular sport in the 1 Soviet Union? 10. Do Soviet teams participate in international matches? 11. Who coaches your volley-ball team?12. Where are the Oxford and Cambridge boat-races held? 13. What is the difference between a "sport" and a "game"? 114. What sports and games do you know? 15. What games take the first place in public interest? 16. What is the great national sport in England?

Ex.4. Make up dialogues using the following words:

in my opinion...; there's nothing like...; I don't quite see what people find in...; how can you say such a thing!;

I don't know anything more exciting than...; I see nothing exciting in...; I can't agree with you there; absolutely marvelous; I like it immensely.

Ex.5. Read the following text and comment on it:


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