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Ex.1.Suggest the Russian for the following word combinations.

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the historic conception; graduates; he pointed to the role of peoples; without the history; the embodiment of that idea; to present a graduation thesis; he proved the meaning of the Eurasian region; the West and the East.; to communicate with the youth; he often supported the youth in their ambitions; in his honour. to give a great attention to; annually; great scientist; to take the finals; the decree of the President; to take into account; the international relationships of Kazakhstan; to participate in the world processes; to transform the ideas into a life; the head of the university; a leading capital university of classical type; first of all; world history; under the control of the President; two cloak-rooms; well-equipped labs; a great deal of research; technology and science; an undergraduate program; series of lectures;36 hours per week; to pass examinations; term; on completion; a higher school diploma.


Ex.2.Suggest English equivalents for:

1. доказывать

2.защищать дипломную работу

3.научные работники

4.заниматься научной работой

5.получить зачёт

6.диплом о высшем образовании

7.сдать экзамен


9.сдавать выпускные экзамены

10.научное исследование


12.лабораторное оборудование

13.стипендия (пособие)

14.вносить важный вклад

15.курсовая работа

16.сдавать вступительные экзамены


18.технические специальности

19.естественные и гуманитарные науки



Ex.3.Guess the meaning of the terms in italics:

1.He showed that world history withou t the history of that people would not be full, moreover -it would be not right.

2.He proved the meaning of the Eurasian region side by side with the West and the East.

3.Lev Gumilyev liked to communicate with the youth, he often supported the youth in their ambitions and our university was named in his honour.

4.The university was created by the decree of the President (May,23, 1996)

5. Today ENU is the embodiment of that idea, university for the future.

6.The main building is one of the biggest buildings of the university.

7. Могеover, the university has a great library with many spacious reading halls,or fine gym, a big dining-room and nine hostels.

8. Many of our teachers and instructors are outstanding specialists in various fields of technology and science. Some of them are graduates of our University.

9. An undergraduate program consists of a series of lectures, seminars, tutorials and laboratory classes which in total account for about 36 hours per week.

10. On completion of studies the student presents a graduation thesis or takes the finals.

11. A higher school diploma means high academic and professional (general and specialized) training. It also stands for high cultural standards.

Ex.4.Make up sentences according to the patterns:

1.He pointed to...

2.He showed...

3.He proved...

4.He liked....

5.He often supported....

6.He suggested....

7.Taking into account....

8.First of all....

9. Могеover,.....

Ex.5. Speak on the following sub-topics:

a) L.N.Gumilyov was a great Russian, a well-known orientalist.

b) The Euroasian university is big.

c) There are 8 institutes in our university.


Unit 8


Text: What makes people kin.

Grammar: The Passive Voice

Практические цели: ознакомление с лексическим материалом по теме «Sport», развитие умений и навыков разговорной речи по теме урока, введение и тренировка грамматической темы The Passive Voice, развитие навыков монологической речи на основе текста “ What makes all people Kin”.

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