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A) translate the illustrative examples into Russian;

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b) express in writing the suggested idea using do for emphasis. Add a sentence to show that the emphasis is necessary:

Examples: Your brother did go to the chemist's to have your prescription made up though he was pressed for time. Mother told you to put on your coat but you wouldn't and you did catch a cold.

1. to have a nervous breakdown; 2. to keep to a diet; 3. to try to make an appointment with; 4. to give (get) an injection; 5. to get sick leave; 6. to set in (about complications); 7. to prescribe pills for; 8. to undergo a treatment; 9. to recover from; 10. to diagnose Smb.'s illness (as); 11. to have one's tooth filled; 12. to need the services of a surgeon.

VIII. a) Supply prepositions where necessary:

Scarlet fever is an infectious fever, marked.. the appearance... the second day... a bright red rash consisting... closely-set red spots. Shortly after the patient develops a high temperature and suffers... painful sore throat.... the third or fourth day the rash starts to fade and... favourable cases the temperature falls and the patient feels better.... the end... a week the rash usually disappears. Complete recovery may be expected... the following month, The complications... scarlet fever are very serious, the commonest being inflammation... the ear. Scarlet fever is essentially a disease... children and young persons.

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