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A. Read the following speech of Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General. Make up four questions, ask your partner to answer them.

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Rome Statute of the


‘In the prospect of an international criminal

court lies the promise of universal justice. That

is the simple hope of the vision. We are close to

its realization. We will do our part to see it

through till the end. We ask you...to do yours in

our struggle to ensure that no ruler, no State, no

junta and no army anywhere can abuse human

rights with impunity (без покарання). Only

then we will the innocents of distant wars and

conflicts know that they may sleep under the

cover of justice; that they have rights, and that

those who violate those rights will be punished.’

Kofi Annan

B. Here are the objectives of the International Criminal Court. Answer the questions below.

1. to achieve justice for all

2. to end impunity for abuse of human rights

3. to help end wars and conflicts

4. to assume control when national criminal justice institutions are

unwilling or unable to act

5. to deter future war criminals


Which objective means the following?

a) The International Criminal Court aims to discourage war criminals
through the possibility of trial.

b) Those who commit murder are often not punished.

c) Not everyone receives a fair trial.

d) Local courts may not always be able to deliver justice.

e) The International Criminal Court will try to stop wars.

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