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Mark these statements T (true) or F (false) according to the text.

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1. One of the problems of administrative law is an aspect of the central problem of political theory: the inconsistency of authority and liberty.

2. The licensing power, or the power to grant or refuse, to renew, and to revoke licenses or permits may be required by statute for the pursuit of such professions as law and medicine and the conduct of certain forms of business.

3. Constitutional Law is a branch of law regulating the powers, procedures, and acts of public administration.

4. The purpose of administrative law is to attain a synthesis of public and private interests in terms of the social and economic circumstances.

5. An element of administrative law that impedes or frustrates administration would clearly be good, and so, too, would be a system that results in injustice to the individual.


4. Find words and expressions in the text which mean:

1. An official document authorizing a specified activity that

would be unlawful without such document.­­­­­ _____________

2. Absence of justice; unjust act. _____________

3. The body of rules and procedures that organizes government

and provides mechanisms for redress of grievances as a

result of decisions or actions of government. _____________

4. The policy prescribed, authorized or recognized by a statute. _____________

5. Government by privileged stratum of higher officials

intertwined with the ruling classes. _____________


5. WORD FAMILIES. Give the word family of the word administration (such as adjective, verb, noun etc.) Translate them into Ukrainian.

6. Find in the text all the word combinations with the word and family of the word power. Give their Ukrainian equivalents. Make up your own sentences with them.

7. Make the following sentences complete by translating the words and phrases in brackets:

1. May be mentioned four types of the powers delegated to administrative authorities by modern regulatory statutes: (нормотворчі повноваження), (право видавати ліцензії), (повноваження проводити розслідування), (повноваження віддавати адміністративні накази).

2. The law must also establish rules to authorize and govern (до­даткові та адміністративні дії).

3. The performance of the public-service and control functions of the administrative system depends upon the conduct of everyday auxiliary operations: (управління персоналом), (фінансуван­ня), (планування), and so on.

4. The public interest itself suffers if those who are regulated become victims of (адміністративний утиск).

5. Administrative Law is a branch of law regulating the powers, procedures, and acts of (державне управління).


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