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B) Now read through the ads below quickly and find the answers to these questions.

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1. Which property is likely to be:

a) the oldest? b) the largest? c) the smallest?

■Which two properties are to let?

■Which two properties can accommodate two cars?




LONGBOROUGH HILL Det 20s hse, 3 bd, 3 rec, study, large kit/brkfst, clkrm. Lge drive. Gge. 30m gdn. Close BR stn. For quick sale. £175,000. CHELM VALLEY M9 8km. C17 period hse in quiet location nr village. 2 rec, lux fitted kit, 3-4 bds & 2 bth. Stone barn can convert to 2 bd hse, excellent for garaging & storage. £165,000. HALCASTERAttractive unfurnished 2 bd flat to let in village by sea. Large kit, bth, living overlkg golf course. Ideal retired single person/couple. CH. Rent from £371 pcm.


BARTON HEATH Penthouse flat overlkg beautiful countryside. Central situation, 8 min walk BR stn, 6min shops, 10 min M9. Entrance hall, 2 dbl bd, lge living, kit, bth. £72,500 o.n.o. NR BARTON HEATH Outstanding country hse in immaculate condition. Lovely gdn with view of beautiful countryside. 4 rec, 5 bd, 3 bth, superb kit, gges, tennis court. Fully furnished. Rent £2,800 pcm  


c) Go through the ads more carefully and discuss these points with another student.Give reasons for your opinions.

Which property would be most likely to appeal to:

■ a man of 70 who likes playing golf?

■ a Hollywood film star and his wife, secretary, manager and servant, making a film in Britain?

■ a businessman with a teenage son and daughter, who commutes to the city by rail?

■ a writer who wants to escape from city life, but needs to entertain her family and friends from time to time and be within reach of the city by car if necessary?



22. Examine the network and reproduce the topic “House and home” supplying the necessary factual and imaginative details so as to present some ideas to your group-mates.

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