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A look through the descriptions of things you can do with music and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold type.

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  6. B) Think of situations or microdialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a reply to it using the words mentioned above.


She plays the piano very well, but she doesn’t read music. She’s got a good ear. She can pick out any tune on the piano. She doesn’t have to practice much at all. She’s a natural. She can play by ear.

He’s very musical. He wrote an arrangement of (arranged) a Bach symphony for the band. You can play a tune on an instrument or you can whistle or hum. You can make music in lots of ways. I’ve some new chords on the guitar I have to practice my scales, but it’s boring.


B. Fill in the words in bold type from the text above in the description of

1. Vanessa started ____ the violin since her very first months, and by the age of 3 she could ____ music. She liked ____ her scales.

2. At seven, never having had a violin lesson, Mozart could ____ any tune on the violin. He ____ the first of his symphonies in 1765.


17. Look at the photos (pictures) and speak about your impressions on visiting a theatre (cinema, concert, exhibition). What role does music (theatre, cinema) play in your life? For ideas:

Educates my feelings, help appreciate the beauty, enrich our knowledge, develops my artistic taste, widen our outlook, to give anything new, to see the beauty around us, to have a pernicious influence, to be an intellectual exercise, to be an emotional experience, to understand human souls, cultivates some ideas, entertain, to inspire


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