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B) Use the word combinations from the box given below.

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  3. C) Make up your own dialogues on choosing a career. Use the word combinations in bold type in them.
  4. Characterize the attitude of the British to sport. Complete the given passage, making use of the following word combinations from the box. Extend the statements.
  5. Complete the texts selecting among the given arguments the one that can be added in full accordance with the contents.
  6. Continue the dialogue between Victoria and Sandy according to the logical scheme offered below.

1. A: These cookies are delicious! Can I have another one?

B: ….


2. A: Do we have any mushroom soup left?

B: Yes, ….


3) A: Will you have another helping of salad?

B: Oh, no ….

4) A: What is there for dinner?

B: ….

A: Anything for the dessert?

B: ….


5) A: Will you pass me the salt, please?

B: ….

A: Thank you.


6) A: How about a nice cup of tea?

B: ….

A: No trouble at all. Do you like it with milk and sugar?



to warm up; to be too much; for the first course; I’m afraid; not too much trouble; orange juice; to help yourself; for the second course; here you are


9. Work in group of three. You are at the table having breakfast. Take the roles of Mother, Jane and Peter. Reproduce the dialogue filling the gaps with your own words. Use the words/ word combinations after the dialogue.

M:Now, Jane, Peter, sit down and be quick about it, or ….

J: And … for breakfast?

M: …, eggs, bread and butter.

P: …. I like sausage and eggs.

J: No eggs for me. … with sausage, please.

M: ….

P: … the salt, Jane.

J: Here you are.

P: Can I have …? I like tea with lemon ….

M: …. Here you are. …. Don’t spill the tea. It’s very hot, ….

P: No fear. Thank you. Mom.

J: Can I have cocoa …, Mom?

M: You are ….

P: I don’t like cocoa. …!

J: You don’t understand anything. Oh, Mom, these cookies …! Can … one?

M: Of course, ….

P: …, please.

M: ….

P: Thank you.


instead of tea Just a sandwich I just hate it! I have another tea with lemon you may scald yourself All right. help yourself That’s fine. are delicious Here you are very much you’ll be late O.K. Pass me what is there One for me welcome Be careful Sausage, cheese


10. Work in pairs. Describe your usual meals making use of the following word combinations from the box.

1) The usual meals are breakfast, dinner and supper. Specialists consider breakfast … meal of the day, because one is to be energetic during the long hard working day. So far … I usually have … For a change I can have ….


2) Dinner is … meal of the day. As a rule I have dinner …. My … usually begins with …: a little salad, or … or perhaps …. The first course of the dinner is …. For … I have …, or …, sometimes …. Most of all I like … for dinner. Then comes dessert. I prefer … or …. Sometimes I have … or ….


3. Supper is the last meal of the day. … must be a …, because going to bed with a full stomach is harmful for our organism. I usually have … and … for supper. We also may have …, … or …. … also very tasty.


a light meal; fried eggs; vegetables; the second course; an omelette; meat soup; the most important; Russian salad; a cup of tea; at home; a boiled egg; a piece of herring; buttered toast; sandwiches; juice; soup or broth; at the canteen; pickled or marinated mushrooms; a cup of coffee; bread and butter; lemonade; dinner; macaroni or spaghetti; a starter; porridge; tomatoes or cucumbers; roast chicken and mashed potatoes; sponge cake; cheese; an appetizer; biscuits; noodles; chops; stewed fruit; rolls; stewed meat; fried or boiled potatoes; fresh fruit; buns; coffee or tea; sausage; pies with jam or marmalade; bacon and eggs; “Corn flakes” with milk; meat pies; pies with cabbage and eggs; a sandwich; the most substantial; the biggest; chicken soup; roast meat; canned fruit

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