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Put these words and phrases from the text in the correct box.

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  2. A) Brainstorm the words which come to your mind when you think of flight.
  3. Abbreviations of words
  4. Answer these questions.
  5. B) Now read through the ads below quickly and find the answers to these questions.
  6. B) Retell the text above using the phrases in italic type.
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murder rape sexual assault assault causing grievous bodily harm mugging robbery burglary euthanasia car theft homicide arson blackmail child abuse embezzlement kidnapping fraud pickpocketing shoplifting stealing Crimes against people   Crimes involving things or property    




Pre-reading tasks____________________________________________________

1.Answer the following questions:

1. What are the investigation departments in Ukraine?

2. What is preliminary investigation called upon?

3. What types of physical evidence do you know?

4. What are the essential qualities of a successful investigator?


2. Match the following English words and expressions with their Ukrainian



1. forensic science


2. DNA profiling

3. case-by-case basis


4. fatal fire

5. domestic premises

6. investigation of shooting incidents

7. microscopic examination

8. fire-scene examination

a. по кожному конкретному


b. пожежа з людськими жертвами

c. розслідування випадків

використання вогнепальної зброї

d. дослідження місця пожежі

e. криміналістика

f. аналіз ДНК

g. аналіз за допомогою мікроскопа

h. житлові приміщення


Reading tasks_______________________________________________________


Read the text to understand what information is of primary importance

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