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Cargo transportation.

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Heavy equipment is in need everywhere, including those parts which are still without highways and railroads. The AN – 124 “Ruslan” delivers super weight cargoes to different parts of the world.

Agricultural aviation performs different operations, such as the sowing grain, the planting forests, the dispersion of mineral fertilizers and chemicals, erosion control.

Air photography makes it possible to describe in detail the natural recourses, to determine geological structure of the terrain and its topographical peculiarities.

Aviation is widely used in steering the ships during Arctic navigation and in exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The helicopters are also used in such special flights as highway watch.

Aviation plays a vital role in people’s health protection. There are specially equipped ambulance planes and helicopters which are on duty round the clock ready to help people.

In recent years scientific and technological development has greatly changed life on our planet. Today science and technology are closely connected and related. Flights depend on science and the application of scientific knowledge and principles. A lot of modern passengers and freight aircraft have been appeared. They are high-speed, comfortable, reliable airplanes with modern flight and navigation equipment which provides flight safety.

One of the widely used planes is the IL – 62, a long-range liner for both domestic and international routes. Now it is being replaced by a new airplane the IL – 96 – 300. It will cover from 9000 to 11000 m. Its passengers capacity is 300. It has four turbo-fan engines.

The Jumbo (Boeing – 747) is a large subsonic airliner, it is quiet, cheap and far more profitable than supersonic Concord that was designed and built by the British and French engineers working together. One of the largest cargo planes both in our country and the world is the AN – 124 (Ruslan).

A new freighter, the AN – 225 “Mriya” is the world largest cargo airplane. It can carry 250 tons of cargo. Its take off weight is 600 tons.

Probably the most significant development in air traffic control over the next 20 years will be the introduction of precise navigation and position reporting through Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) cover three principle areas: voice and datalinks, global navigation and automatic dependent surveillance.

1 Scan the text. Which of the following statements do you agree or disagree with according to the information in the text? Explain why.

1. There was a boom in general aviation after Otto Liliental made his first controlled flight on glider of his own design.

2. On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers flew the first successful powered flight.

3. Douglas DC-3 was the first airliner to start the modern era of passenger airline service.

4. Aviation began to be associated with Ukraine just after World War II.

5. There are no main determined divisions in aviation to emphasize.

6. All types of aviation play a significant role in national economy.

7. Air traffic controllers should pay special attention to the special flights.

8. The AN – 225 “Mriya”, the world largest cargo airplane, can carry no more than 150 tons of cargo.



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