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Going in for sports means sacrifices,

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Alex is to keep to bed at least for a week. The diagnosis is a badly twisted ankle. The doctor has just told him that Alex is very unhappy...

It happened like this. Alex felt that he was getting overweight and decided to have a talk with the doctor. The doctor examined him very thoroughly and said there was nothing wrong with him. He also said a bit of exercises would do Alex a lot of good.

Alex liked the idea very much. In fact, he had been thinking about this himself. Both at school and at University Alex was very keen on sports. He was good at games, especially basketball and football. He was also very good at some of the track-and-field events, particularly the long jump.

But after Alex completed his University course he gradually lost interest in sports. He still liked watching hockey and football matches on television though. Sometimes he played basketball with his little son. But it was very seldom.

... The doctor also advised Alex not to rush things. First, he ought to start with morning exercises, later he could take up jogging, cycling and so on.

Never leave until tomorrow what you can do today … After the consultation with the doctor Alex immediately went to the nearest sportswear shop and bought a track suit and tennis shoes.

The next morning Alex got up an hour earlier than usual. He put on his track suit and tennis shoes and went out. It was a lovely morning and Alex felt young and strong. He did a few push-ups and then decided to jog a little. But he had hardly gone a few steps when he stumbled and fell down. When Alex rose to his feet he felt a strong pain in his left leg. As soon as he got home his wife sent for a doctor...


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