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Explain the advantages of taking up sports. Reproduce the given narration filling in the right words from the columns.

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Physical education programs help students to improve such basic motor skills as running, jumping, and throwing. Students in these programs develop physical (1) ____ by increasing their agility, (2) ____, (3) ____ and (4) ____. Physical fitness is a combination of qualities that enable a person to (5) ____ well in vigorous physical activities. Physical fitness and good health is not the same, so each influences the other. Healthy people may be physically unfit because they don’t exercise regularly. Physically fit people perform their usual tasks easily without tiring and still have (6) ____ for other interests.

Sport provides (7) ____ for people throughout the world. Large crowds attend sporting events in person.

Sport is the activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, performed individually or in a group, often involving the testing of physical (8) ____ and usually taking the form of a (9) ____ game.

Games and sports are popular with many people who enjoy competition, physical (10) ____, and healthful exercise. Thousands of people take part in sport, such as bowling, fishing, mountain climbing, skiing, skating and tennis.


  noun verb adjective adverb
  fitness fit fit fitly
  endurance endure endurable durably
  strength strengthen strong strongly
  flexibility flex flexible flexibly
  performance perform performing --
  energy energize energetic energetically
  entertainment entertain entertaining entertainingly
  capability enable capable capably
  competition compete competitive --
  activity act active actively


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