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Full Title Desearch and Development of a New Family of High-Efficiency Metal Vapor Lasers Pumped by Runaway Electron Beams Generated in a Gas Discharge Tech Area / Field

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Brief Description of Technology
The project has to do with the research of problems in basic laser physics.

The objective of this project is to elaborate the experimental and theoretical foundations for the creation of a new type of high-efficiency discharge laser. These lasers are pumped by runaway kilovolt (up to a several dozens of kilovolts) electron beams generated directly in the active medium with the help of special configuration discharges. The theoretical research and the first experimental results of the metal vapor lasers (MVLs) pumped by gas discharge of this type predict a significant increase (by 1 - 2 times) in the efficiency and specific power of the existing MVLs and the creation of laser action over new lines of atoms, molecules, and ions in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrum range.

The specific characteristics of such lasers in visible range can reach 1 kW per meter of length of an active zone with a physical efficiency of 5 - 6 % [1-3]. The first step in the creation of a new laser family within the framework of this project will be the elaboration of the MVL infrared spectrum range (Pb - and Eu-lasers).

Legal Aspects
A series of articles has been published in scientific journals.

No patents.

Special Facilities in Use and Their Specifications
None is this research.

Scientific Papers
1. S.V.Arlantsev, B.L.Borovich, V.V.Buchanov, E.I.Molodykh, N.I.Yurchenko, "On the prospects of using runaway electron beams generated in an open discharge for the pumping of metal-vapor lasers", Journal of Russian Laser Research, New York, 1995, v. 16, N 2, p. 99-119.

2. S.V.Arlantsev, B.L.Borovich, V.V.Buchanov, N.I.Yurchenko. "Mn-vapor lasers pumped by one-kilovolt electrons beam. Numerical simulation, comparison with experiments, potential opportunities", Kvantovaya Electronika (Russian Journal), 1996, v.23, N 11.

3. P.A.Bokhan, E.I.Molodykh. "Output-limiting mechanisms and prospects for metal vapour lasers with an average output power of over 1 kW/m". Pulsed Metal Vapor Lasers, NATO ASI Series, Kluer academic publishers, 1996, p. 137-148.

4. P.A.Bokhan, A.R.Sorokin. "Electron beam forming at an "open" discharge: mechanism, properties and its utilization for the pumping of middle-pressure gas lasers", Journal of technical physics (Russian Journal), 1985, v.55, N 1, p. 88-95.

5. B.L.Borovich, V.V.Buchanov, E.I.Molodykh. "Numerical simulation of an electron-beam-pumped copper-vapor-laser. 1. The function of electron distribution over energies in laser plasma", Kvantovaya Electronika (Russian Journal), 1984, v.11, N 5, pp. 1007-1014.

6. S.V.Arlantsev, B.L.Borovich, V.V.Buchanov, E.I.Molodykh, S.I.Zavorotnyi, N.I.Yurchenko. "Copper vapor laser pumped by a relativistic electron beam", Kvantovaya Electronika (Russian Journal), 1994, v.21, N 11, pp. 1025-1030.


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