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A cottage house project.

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Good day, dear colleagues! I am a third year student of a design department Ivan Sokolov. I would like t present my project to you.

This is a single-floor[1] cottage house. It is situated in the suburbs of Moscow in the picturesque district of Lobnia. In the north from the cottage house there is a pine wood. In the south from the cottage house there is a field.


In the picture we can see the facade of a cottage house. The walls are covered with pine-wood panels. The skillion roof which is above the main part of the cottage and the pyramid roof which is above the kitchen are covered with metal tiles. The cottage house has double casement windows[2] with frames[3] painted brown.

Now we will move on to the description of the floor plan.

Here we can see two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen with a four-person dining area, a living room and an open terrace.

Let me tell you about the interior in particular.

First, I would like to describe the interior of the living room. As you can see in the picture it is an open plan living room it means that the kitchen, the dining area and the lounge are in the common area. Such planning is ideal for a small family of two.

The inner decor is done in light and vivid colors – orange, light-purple, ivory. The floor is covered with natural oak panels. The fireplace is painted orange and it goes nicely with bright orange pillows on the soft-grey sofa and an armchair. In front of the sofa there is a very useful piece of furniture which is a coffee table that provides storage and a flat surface for decorative pieces of snacks. The brown leather armchair is a perfect cozy nook for sipping tea and curling up with a book. The TV and the DVD player are built-in which saves space greatly. The atmosphere of the room is warm because of the nice painting on the wall, massive curtains which hide a large picture window[4]and a stripped multicolored rug. The ceiling lights don’t take up place and the room more air.



Second, I would like to describe the interior of open plan kitchen. As you can see in the picture all kitchen facilities and appliances are built-in. The cabinet and the counters are done in a grayish color. The kitchen wall is grayish-blue which goes nicely with black working surface and chromed electric kettle and other kitchen stuff.

The dining area includes comfortable white plastic dining table with four upholstered metal chairs. The dining area is done in the same color gamma as the kitchen.


Third, I would like to describe the interior of bedrooms. There are two bedrooms – double bedroom and a bedroom with two single beds which can be used for accommodating guests.

All bedrooms are light and have large windows.

The double bedroom has a king-size double bed with a rectangular mirror above. There is also a picture on the wall which shows blue bell flowers. It adds a touch of romance to the room, reminding of warm summer days. There is a wooden spacious dresser in the bedroom to hold all the clothes. To the left and to the right of the bed there are end tables made of dark painted oak. They can be used for holding magazines of a table lamp.

The guest bedroom has also got two end tables and a dresser which are painted mahogany. The room has wooden tiles on the floor and two small bedside rugs. It also has a golden-colored table lamp and two small pictures on the wall above the beds. The window is decorated with white curtain lace.

The beds are covered with red stripped bedspread[5].



[1] one-storeyed – одноэтажный; two-storeyed - двухэтажный

[2] двойной оконный переплёт

[3] рамы

[4] Панорамноеокно

[5] покрывало

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