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Please indicate ONE workshop in which you want to present your research project.

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Call for Application

Swiss Summer School in Democracy Studies 2015

Democratic Innovations

22-26 June 2015, Zurich, Switzerland

Application Form

Applicants should complete all sections of the application form and submit it to the Summer School office. Completed application forms must reach the Summer School office by 15 March 2015.

After submitting, you will receive an e-mail confirming your submission but this does not guarantee your place. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by end-March 2015. Those who are offered places will be asked to confirm their intention to participate by 1 April 2015, after which those places will be offered to other applicants.

Fields marked with a * denote a required field.

General Information
Please provide the following information: Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms):  
*First Name: *Family Name:
Middle Initial:  
Date of Birth: Place of Birth:
Home Address Street: *Zip Code: Telephone: *Email:   City: *Country: Mobile:
University / Business Address Street: *Zip Code: Telephone: Email:   City: *Country: Mobile:

To which address should mail be sent?

Home Work *Contact Phone:

Position Status

PhD Student Researcher Other

If other please specify:

Who is paying your fee?

Self Department Other[1]

If other please specify:

Do you need visa for travel Switzerland?

No Yes

If yes, please indicate:

Passport Number: Date of Expiry:[2]

Date of Issue: Place of Issue:

Relevant Embassy for contacts:

Street: City: Zip Code:

Fax: Email:

Academic Background

Please provide the following information:

Are you enrolled in a doctoral program? Yes No

If yes, please specify:

What is your doctoral participant affiliation?




CV (max. one page)



Please outline your motivation for attending this summer school. (max. 100 words)


Outline of Research Project

Please outline your project (e.g. research paper, conference contribution, publication draft etc.) that you want to present in this summer school. (max. 300 words)


Workshop Preference

Please indicate ONE workshop in which you want to present your research project.

New Forms of Citizen Participation in Established Democracies

Deliberative Democracy

E-Democracy: Digital Channels of Participation

Political Consumerism: A New Form of Political Behavior

Social Media and Democracy

Please note that your registration is valid only if signed and returned in due time.

Date: Signature:



[1] A limited number of grants will be made available for students who submit exciting proposals but cannot get funding from their home institution or elsewhere. A separate application and selection procedure will apply. Please note: Applying does not guarantee success.

[2] The expiry date should not be less than six months after the summer school.

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