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IV. Read the following dialogue and say what kind of guys Kim likes.

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I.Match the words with the descriptions given. Use each word only once.

1. You always arrive on time. a) selfish

2. You are always happy. b) ambitious

3. You do what you say you will do. c) slacker

4. You say exactly what you think. d) determined

5. You don't think about needs of other people. e) self-assured

6. You try to avoid work if you can. f) wasteful

7. You always talk too proudly about yourself. g) cheerful

8. You have good imagination, but are not very

practical. h) punctual

9. You use such things as money, energy, or

work in a way that wastes them. i) honest

10. You are determined to be successful, rich,

powerful, etc. j) dreamy

II. Fill in the blanks with the corresponding synonym.

Vocabulary note

intelligent - showing the power of understanding and reasoning, mental abilities. Syn. clever, sensible

gifted - having a lot of natural ability or intelligence.Syn. clever, talented.

thrifty - having the habit of saving money and spending it carefully.

greedy - full of excessive desire for wealth, power for oneself without consideration for

the needs of other people.

sensible - having the ability to make sound judgements.

sensitive - easily offended or emotionally upset.

imaginative - having the ability to create mental images or pictures.

dreamy - with thoughts far away from her or his present surroundings.

honest - telling the truth, not lying.Ant. dishonest.

trustworthy - worthy of trust; reliable.

1. I'd like you to give me an ................opinion.

2. He was very ...............about his scar and thought everyone was staring at him.

3. Schools often fail to cater for the needs of.................children.

4. They have plenty of money now, but they still tend to be ........................

5. She gets this ........................... expression on her face when she talks about food.

6. It would not be ................. to provoke her.

7. He is ....................... for power.

8. He did not appear to be.................. of the difficulties that lay ahead.

9. The architects have made ................. use of glass and transparent plastic.


III. Underline the correct word, then try to explain the idioms.

1. Don’t worry about Maggie, she’s as tough as old shoes/boots.

2. The Martin children are not at all alike. They are as different as chalk and cheese/milk.

3. I’ll look after Jo anytime. Really, she’s as good as silver/gold.

4. Ben can’t wait to get started on the project. He’s as keen as ketchup/mustard.

IV. Read the following dialogue and say what kind of guys Kim likes.

Chris: Do you have a date for the party yet?

Kim: Actually, I don't... Do you think you could help me find one?

Chris: Hmm. What kind of guys do you like?

Kim : Oh, I like guys who aren't too serious and who have a good sense of humor. You know,... like you. Chris: OK. What else?

Kim: Well, I'd prefer someone I have something in common with - who I can talk to easily. Chris: I think I know the guy for you. Bob Brenson. Do you know him? Kim: I don't think so.

Chris: Let me arrange for you to meet him, and you can tell me what you think.


Role-play the situation: Kim and Chris are discussing Bob and their date with Kim.

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