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C) Write your own advertisement for the place you like.

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  1. B. Put the following in the right order, then rewrite the letter in paragraphs adding a salutation and your name.
  2. II.Subject, the contents of the picture, the place, time and setting the age, appearance, dress and other accessories of the portrayed person.
  3. Place and date Volunteer
  4. Places of communication». To question equipment of the town environment
  5. Read the advertisement and study the letter of application.


· Are you looking for sandy beaches, sparkling waters and cloudless sky without the bother of overpriced hotels or uncomfortable campsites? If so, you will love the Sunnyside self-catering apartments near the town of Torremolinos. The cosy apartments are situated on the peaceful seafront on the outskirts of this delighted resort and are fully-equipped with modern cooking and washing facilities. Make this summer one to remember – come to the Sunnyside.

· The Kingsbrooke campsite in the Rocky mountains is for all adventure lovers who want to escape to a land of endless rivers, bottomless lakes, towering mountains and colossal cliffs. The helpful staff, washing facilities and shop also mean that you do not even need to venture into town during your stay. Situated in one of the few vast undeveloped areas in the world, with clean fresh air and unpolluted water, the Kingsbrooke experience is definitely one not to be missed.


Equipment: boots, warm clothes, mosquito repellent, camera, swimming costume, portable gas stove, skis, flippers, suntan lotion, sunglasses, sandals, sleeping bag, sun hat, tent, light clothes, trainers, first-aid kit…

4. Make up and act out the dialogue between a travel agent and a customer. Mention the points:

· Dates of flight

· Number of people going on holiday

· Price of holiday

· Type of transport

· Weather details (clothes and equipment required for holiday)

· Method of payment

· Name and address of customer

· Type of accommodation (board) available

5. Project Work:

a) Work in groups. Complete the diagram:

b )Prepare the topic «Traveling».

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