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Read the advertisement and study the letter of application.

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  4. B. Put the following in the right order, then rewrite the letter in paragraphs adding a salutation and your name.
  7. C) Study the diagram and in pairs, think of two events typical of each stage.


Trainee Hotel Managers Required
Large hotel chain is offering training courses for potential hotel managers. Minimum of five GCSE passes, including maths. Candidates must be prepared to travel. Contact Anthony Finnigan. Crestmore Hotel. Braymond Road, Kingswood.


Mr A Finnigan 26 Ardney Road Crestmore Hotel Bristol Braymond Road BS6 5HL Kingswood BS15 4 EW Telephone Bristol ( 0272 ) 27603   Dear Mr Finnigan,   I am currently in full time education studying three A-Level subjects in which I aim to achieve academic success this summer. I have seven GCSE passes including English and Maths. I have been considering the possibilities within the field of hotel management. However, training schemes within the town are very limited. I was recently interviewed by Mr Blakeat the White Horse Hotel for the position of trainee assistant manager. In view of my qualifications he told me of the training schemes within your company and gave me your address.   I am very interested in your training scheme and feel sure I would be suitable to do the job.   This is a career I have come increasingly to feel is suited to my outgoing personality and ambitious nature. As a career is important to me I have always felt that the mobility is a necessary factor to success. I hope you can help me.   Yours faithfully,   Jane Mason


4.20 Read these three job advertisements and write a letter of application for one of them. Use the letter from below to help you:

Busy central town florist is looking for an enthusiastic sales assistant for our new shop. Must be creative, good with people, with good attention to detail. Write to: Mrs Anne Walters, Flowerdew, High Street, Royston, Herts   Central London. Computer software company seeks Overseas Sales Manager. No experience necessary. Must speak at least two languages. Travel involved. Write to: The Personnel Manager, Computron, Tottenham Road, London NW3.   We are a large engineering firm in central Bristol and we need a wages clerk to help handle the payroll of over 70 employees. This is a good opportunity for a school leaver to gain experience in accounting. Applicants must be enthusiastic and have GCSE Maths, English and some work experience. Write to: The Personnel Manager, Mentor ( Engineering )LTD 184-186 Carrow Road, Bristol.


(your phone number) (your address) (the date)   (the company’s address)   Dear Sir,/Dear Madam,/Dear Mr…,/Dear Mrs…, I am writing to apply for the position of … as advertised in (the newspaper/magazine) on (date).   (Introduce yourself, give personal details)   (Say what you are doing at the moment, give details about your responsibilities)   (Write about your work experience and qualifications)   (Say why you think you would be good at the job)   If you require any more information, I would be happy to attend an interview, or you can contact me at the above address. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, (if you put Dear Sir/Madam) Yours sincerely, (if you put a name)


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