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IV. Creative understanding and application

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I. Recognition, memorization, reproduction

Task 1.Choosewords which are connected with the topic “Cinema” from the given below. Be ready to read and explain their meaning.


ache, n

actor, n

airsickness, n

archery, n

artistic, adj

boat, n

border, n

boxing, n

cameo, n

cancer, n

canoeing, n

caption, n

career, n

cathedral, n

coach, n

comedy, n

cough, n

crew, n

crossing, n

cruise, n

cue, n

customs, n

cycling, n

destination, n

disease, n

diving, n

drama, n

employment, n

faint, v

fencing, n

fever, n

figure-skating, n

flight, n

fortress, n

genre, n

glider, n

hotel, n

insomnia, n

landmark, n

landscape, n

marathon, n

mountaineering, n

musical, n

pneumonia, n

produce, v

profession, n

promotion, n

quit, v

race, n

racket, n

rash, n

receptionist, n

release, v

retire, n

return ticket

review, n

salary, n

scene, n

sci-fi, n

security check

shoot, v

shuttlecock, n

single room

single ticket

skating, n

skiing, n

soap opera, n

steward, n

still, n

swell, n

thriller, n

thrilling, adj

tour, n

tourist, n

tournament, n

trailer, n

travel agency

travel agent

travel by air

trip, n

triple jump

vacation, n

vocation, n

voyage, n

weight-lifting, n

western, n

wrestling, n

II. Comprehension, application, interpretation

Task 1.Choose the most suitable word.


1. The _____ of the jealous husband was played by Paul Newman.

a) part; b) acting.

2. The _____ applauded warmly when the curtain dropped.

a) spectators; b) audience.

3. The film is _____ in the 18th century England.

a) set; b) held.

4. Everyone clapped enthusiastically when the actors came on _____.

a) screen; b) stage.

5. Most critics agree that Celia gave the best _____.

a) acting; b) performance.

6. It was a good film, and I thought Nick Nolte _____.

a) acted; b) played.

7. There was so much suspense that I was kept on the edge of my _____.

a) place; b) seat.

8. Quite honestly, I haven't got much time for _____ films.

a) horror; b) horrific.

9. Most modern films don't need a lot of complicated _____.

a) scenery; b) scenes.

10. I thought it was a good film but it got terrible _____.

a) critics; b) reviews.

Task 2.Give English equivalents to the following sentences.

1. Извините, что я так говорю, но я не жалею, что пропустил этот премьеру фильма. Это был полный провал. 2. Говорят, что она великолепная актриса, способна вызвать слезы у зрителей. 3. Этот фильм стоит посмотреть. Состав актеров просто великолепен. 4. Кажется, фильм ему не понравился. Хотя, сюжет был хорошим, игра актеров оставляла желать лучшего. 5. Я не могу не восхищаться игрой этой блистательной актрисы. 6. Я была очарована музыкой и декорациями, которые были великолепны. 7. Посмотрев фильм дважды, я могу сказать, что это лучшая экранизированная версия комедии Шекспира, которую я когда-либо видел. 8. Действие фильма разворачивается в конце 90-х. 9. Не упусти шанс посмотреть фильм "Красотка" с Джулией Роберте в главной роли. 10. Я не люблю смотреть фильмы ужасов, а предпочитаю боевики. 11. Говорят, что этот фильм снимался не в студии, а на натуре в какой-то экзотической стране. 12. Я никогда не сижу слишком близко к экрану, а покупаю билеты на места в последнем ряду.

III. Analytical-synthesized search

Task 1.

A.Read the movie review from Zeal magazine. Then read the review about the same movie from Today's Movies magazine. As you read, think of the different points of view expressed in the two reviews.



City life is a movie that we have waited for a long time. A film that is completely lacking in violence and cruelty is a welcome change. For once, people who want to laugh at a movie will not be disappointed. It is funny and profound; realistic and stimulating. The plot is unsophisticated and uncomplicated and packed with human interest. It deals with the problems, intrigues, and prejudices that a young man from the country faces in his new life as a clerk in a big industrialized city. Movie fans will also enjoy the finest filmmaking techniques that we have seen in years. The acting is superb with Lee Young and Barbara Martin at their best. City Life is easily the most amusing and the most professional movie in town - the best in a long time.



Lee Young is now appearing at the Star Cinema in City life, one of the year's most uninteresting, unrealistic movies. Young is usually a terrific actor who makes ex­cellent movies, but in City life his acting is extremely poor. The plot is so uncompli­cated that it is stupid and unbelievable. It deals specifically with problems of a big industrialized city. Barbara Martin, of course, is beautiful, but not very profound or even amusing in her role as Young's girlfriend.

The movie is called a comedy, but it is rarely truly funny. Other reviewers have said that this movie is good because it is nonviolent; at the same time it shows realism in a stimulating way. We agree that very few movies nowadays have plots that are lacking in violent, hateful, cruel, and fearful plots. But, unfortunately, this movie also lacks realism and good acting.

The cinematography is quite good, however. Jeffrey Langley, the cinematographer, used his cameras well. The movie may have a weak plot and poor acting, but artistically it is a joy to see.

But a beautiful movie is not enough. It must also be well acted and have a strong plot.


B. Make two columns on a separate piece of paper. Write Zeal on one column and Today's Movies on the other. Then choose the appropriate words from the following list and write them in the correct column to show what the reviewers thought of City Life. Some words may go in both lists.






good cinematography;

superb acting;




poor acting;





lacking of violence and cruelty;



C.Say wether these statements are true or fasle according to the texts.

1. Young is usually a terrific actor who makes awful movies, but in City life his acting is extremely perfect. 2. City life is a film that is full of violence and cruelty. 3. It deals with the problems, intrigues, and prejudices that a young woman from the country faces in her new life. 4. The film deals with problems of a big industrialized city. 5. Movie fans will also enjoy the finest special effects that we have seen in years. 6. The plot is sophisticated and complicated and packed with human interest. 7. This movie also lacks fantasy and good acting. 8. The cinematography is quite bad. 9. Artistically this film is a joy to see. 10. City life is a movie that readers have not waited for a long time. 11. Lee Young is now appearing at the State Cinema in City life. 12. The acting is superb with Lee Young and Barbara Martin at their best.



IV. Creative understanding and application


Task 1. Write a movie review for a magazine. Don't forget to give this information. Remember that you must not use the pronoun I when you write a review.


1. What is the name of the movie?

2. Where is it on?

3. How long does it last?

4. Who are the principal actors?

5. What is the plot?

6. Who were the best actors? Why?

7. How good were the filmmaking techniques for producing special effects?

8. What didn't you like?

9. Should people go to see this movie or not?






Students should know: topical vocabulary of this unit;


Students should be able to:

· match definitions with words from the topical vocabulary;

· complete sentences using words and names from the topic “Cinema”;

· make up a film quiz.


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