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II. Comprehension, application, interpretation. Task 1.Put these adjectives into two lists, those which have positive connotations (A) and those which have negative connotations (B)

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  5. II. Comprehension, application, interpretation
  6. II. Comprehension, application, interpretation

Task 1.Put these adjectives into two lists, those which have positive connotations (A) and those which have negative connotations (B). Check the meaning of unknown words in a dictionary. Compare your list with your partner.


Positive Connotation (A) Negative Connotation (B)


Amusing, corny, entertaining, sensitive, exciting, thrilling, harrowing, dull, stunning, dragged-out, disappointing, thought-provoking, atmospheric, bor­ing, moving, subtle, stylish, contrived, tedious, far-fetched, pretentious, fast-moving, plodding, predictable, unforgettable, astonishing, enchanting.


Task 2. Match the adjectives below with their synonyms. Fill in the chart.


Word (1-10) Synonym (a-j) Example of a film Genre


1) enjoyable

2) dull

3) frightening

4) captivating

5) surprising

6) humorous

7) gross

8) petrifying

9) exciting

10) moving

a) amusing

b) shocking

c) thrilling

d) boring

e) funny

f) emotional

g) scary

h) disgusting

i) enthralling

j) terrifying


Task 3. Film reviews often use compound adjectives to describe films.


A.Make compound adjectives by matching words in A with words in B.



1) action a) moving

2) slow b) packed

3) spine c) warming

4) breath d) fetched

5) hard e) taking

6) heart f) chilling

7) far g) hitting


B.Use the compound adjectives to complete the film reviews below.


“Beautiful People” is a romantic melodrama. It lasts three hours, and has a ____ plot, which gets a bit boring. However, the _____ performance by Tim Franks in the central role will move you to tears. It also has a ______ message about how we should deal with AIDS.

“The Monster Movie” is both a comedy and a horror film. It has a _______ storyline, which you just won’t believe, but it also has some _______ stunts, which look really dangerous. It has a _______ ending which is so scary you will cover your eyes.

Task 4. Below is a list of adjectives that can be used to describe certain films. With your partner, discuss which boxes the words should go in. Many of the words can be used more than once.


a) exciting;

b) violent;

c) clichéd;

d) bloody;

e) funny;

f) action-packed;

g) colourful;

h) dull;

i) humorous;

j) intellectual;

k) charming;

l) frightening;

m) sentimental;

n) light-hearted;

o) dark;

p) pessimistic;

q) ghastly;

r) thrilling

s) optimistic;

t) moving;

u) watchable.


Films Positive Negative
Cartoon / animated film    
Horror film    
Adventure film    
Crime film    
Action film    
War film    
Historical film    

Task 5. Look at the adjectives below and sentence frames 1 and 2.


A.Which adjectives fit sentence frame A, and which fit B? Does the meaning of quite change in frames 1and 2?


Interesting; amazing; brilliant; boring; disappointing; dreadful extraordinary; entertaining; funny; good; spectacular; ridiculous.

Sentence frame 1 (gradable adjectives): The film was quite /very /extremely _____.

Sentence frame 2 (absolute adjectives): The film was quite / absolutely _____.


B. Use the adverb + adjective expressions to describe different films which have been awarded at various film festivals.


Task 6. Match the sentences 1-6 with the sentences a-f.


1. The film was setin 19th century Italy and England. 2. It was based ona novel by EM Forster. 3. It was filmed / shot on locationin Florence. 4. It was directedby James Ivory. 5. Helena Bonham-Carter played the partof Lucy. 6. It was dubbedinto other languages.


a. He was the director. (_____) b. It was situated in that place at that time.( _____) c. This was her role in the film.(_____) d. The actors originally spoke in English. (____) e. It was an adaptation of the book. (_____) f. It was filmed in the real place, not in a studio. (_____)


Task 7. Compare and comment on the following colour posters. You may use the words and phrases given below.


Movies gripping; clichéd; violent; good fun; be set; bloody; powerful; boring; popular; humorous; intellectual; sentimental; witty; thrilling; cast; action-packed; special effects; blockbuster.



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