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II. Comprehension, application, interpretation. Task 1. What is the difference between the following?

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  5. II. Comprehension, application, interpretation
  6. II. Comprehension, application, interpretation

Task 1. What is the difference between the following? Consult a dictionary and explain.


1) a film and a movie; 2) an arthouse film and a blockbuster; 3) a co-star and an extra;

4) a cameraman and a projectionist; 5) the cinema and the pictures; 6) the cast and casting; 7) Action! and Cut!

Task 2. Who is who in filmmaking? Match words in the left column (A) with the left one (B).



1) producer a) is a person who funds a film

2) director b) who chooses the actors

3) cameo c) who directs a film

4) cast-director d) who writes a script

5) star e) who edits a film

6) cameraman f) is someone who shoots a film

7) composer g) who writes the music for a film

8) scriptwriter h) who keeps an eye on every aspect of the screenplay that`s being filmed

9) editor i) is a famous actor in the minor role

10) co-star j) who prepares set decorations

11) art director k) is an actor in a film – but not in the most important part

12) sound operator l) who makes costumes for actors

13) costume designer m) who records the sound track of a film

14) script girl n) is a famous actor in a film


Task 3. Use the words below to answer the questions.


a) the latest release; d) the soundtrack; g) a trailer;

b) the credits; e) a multiplex; h) the rushes.

c) the titles; f) a screen test;


1. What do you call the songs and background music to a film? 2. What do you call a big cinema with lots of screens? 3. What do you call the bit at the start of the film that tells you the name of the film, the actors and director? And what do you call the words on the screen at the end that tell you who played who, and who was the cameraman, set designer, etc.? 4. Which phrase means a new film? 5. Which word means a short film made to advertise a new film? 6. What do you call a film before it is edited? 7. What do you call a short scene filmed to find out if the actor is good in a particular part?

Task 4.Fill in the blanks with the words below.


a) box office;

b) budget;

c) on set;

d) on location;

e) car chase;

f) sequel;

g) action-packed;

h) co-star;

i) star;

j) screenplay;

k) soundtrack;

l) camera crew;

m) producer;

n) director;

o) special effects;

p) stuntmen;

q) cast.



1. My brother loves the excitement and energy of a(n) _______ film. 2. The ______ wasn't happy with the shot and instructed the actors to do it again. 3. The epic film "Ben Hur" was famous for having a(n) _________ of thousands. 4. _______ take the place of actors in a film when a scene is too dangerous or risky. 5. The ________ of the latest Spielberg film was written by a team of 50 writers. 6. The actors had to be _______ by 5 o'clock in the morning for an early start. 7. For his next film, Fellini has hired twenty extra camera operators to complete his _________. 8. The _______ is responsible for obtaining the money to make the film and organizing the publicity. 9. Even though "Die Hard 2" is a(n) ______ , it has a different storyline and new actors. 10. The scene with the _______ along the motorway was the most exciting I've ever seen. 11. The entire crew and cast are moving out of the studio and filming ______ in Uruguay for a month. 12 It is said that the latest James Bond film has a 200 million dollar ________. 13. ET was a massive ________ success and continues to be popular to this day. 14. Even though the explosion looked very realistic it was actually filmed using ______. 15. Tom Cruise has been the ________ of many successful films. 16. Faye Dunaway was the _________ with Warren Beatty in Bonnie and Clyde. 17. Vangelis composed the ________ for the film.

Task 5.Here are some definitions. Find the words from the topical vocabulary fill in the gaps.


1. _____ is the collective name for the actors in a film. 2. _____ is the most important acting role. 3. _____ is a subsidiary acting role. 4. _____ is the audio element of a film. 5. _____ is a small board which contains the following information: the title of a film, the date, the scene number, the number of takes. 6. _____ is an actor in a film who does not say anything but is part of a crowd. 7. _____ is a photograph of a scene from a film. 8. _____ are words printed above or below a picture on a television screen to explain what the picture is showing. 9. _____ is a kind of a camera work which makes a picture or sound to disappear slowly or become quieter. 10. ____ is a small object such as a book, weapon etc, used by actors in a film. 11. ____ is an action or event that is a signal for something else to happen. 12. ____ is the place or time where the events in a film happen.


Task 6.

A.When making a movie, in which order are people involved in film making to do the things in the list? Comment on.


a) editing the film; c) filming; e) writing a script;

b) casting; d) releasing a film; f) preparing props.


B.Match the stages of making a film with the content of each stage. What stage is missed? Fill in the gaps.


1) At this stage ____ the physical setting and enactment of some of the scenes are done.


a) ad lib; b) cue; c) props; d) upstage; e) set.


From the above list whom would you choose for the following parts?


1. The opening scene takes place in front of a row of stores. You don't need the complete store buildings, but you do need an appropriate _____. 2. In that first scene you need a car, a lamppost, and some large signs. In other words, you need certain _____. 3. The hero wants to know if, during the scene, he can depart from the script and add dialogue of his own, or _____. 4. One of the characters forgets his entrances and exits and needs someone to _____ him. 5. One extra keeps trying to _____ the hero by moving to the back of the set, thus forcing the hero to face away from the audience. You have to reprimand him.


2) At this stage ____ the cast of actors who will take part in the film is decided.


a) leading man; c) leading lady; e) script girl; g) ingénue.

b) stand-in; d) stunt man; f) extra;


From the above list whom would you choose for the following parts?


1. The part of a naive young girl. (______) 2. A substitute for the leading man during an auto accident scene. (_____) 3. Each of the hundred soldiers used in one scene as background. (_____) 4. A substitute to take the place of the leading lady while lighting is being tried, cameras focused, etc. (_____)


3) At this stage _____ the genre of a film is decide and a script is written.


a) love story; c) science fiction; e) romantic comedy.

b) cliff-hanger; d) animated film;


Match the terms in the above list with the definitions below.


1) a sentimental tearjerker_____; 2) a suspense type mystery_____; 3) a show with a light love story _____; 4) a hand-drawn film using no real actors_____; 5) an adventure that is set with many exciting episodes in outer space_____.



4)At this stage _____ the distribution of a film starts.


a) rave; b) SRQ; c) straw-hat circuit; d) angel; e) dub in.


Fill the blanks with the term that completes the meaning.


1. At one theater where the film is showing, there are more people than there are seats. What sign is placed in the lobby and outside the theater? _____ 2. The critics love the film and praise it highly. You are pleased because the film is getting _____ reviews. 3. Foreign theaters want to show the film so you have to _____ new dialogue French and Italian. 4. Finally you decide to prepare the film as a Broadway play. You need more money, so you seek a(n) _____ to underwrite the production. 5. The film is also successful as a play. After a long run on Broadway, you send it out on the _____, where it plays in summer theaters in small cities and towns.

5) At this stage ____ kinds of camera work are chosen and scenes are filmed chooses.


a) close-up; c) long shot; e) panning.

b) fade-out; d) dissolve;

Match the camera work term from the list with its definition.


1._____ is a scene showing a large crowd in the distance. 2. _____ is a scene in which miles of country are shown slowly, from west to east. 3. _____ is a scene showing the grief-stricken face of the leading lady. 4. _____ is a scene in which a street grows darker until the screen is entirely black. 5. _____ is a scene, in which the hero's face begins to disappear, but before it disappears completely, the villain's face appears.

Task 7.Explain the meaning of the following words.


Producer, composer, assistant director, screenplay, script, movie-goer, scene designer, screen version, review, critic, subtitles, to be dubbed, sup­porting actress, top star, sound track, close-up, cast, to dub, billboard, to release a film, designer, screen version.

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