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Asking for advice

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Introductory formulas

To begin with

I must admit

I think/consider

I mean to say

On the one hand…, on the other hand…

From this point of view

If you ask me

I’d like to say, as I see it

The thing is, as far as I know

Frankly speaking

First of all

To say nothing of

To my regret

To my surprise

It’s no secret that

In a word



This is my way of looking at it


Asking for an opinion

Well? What do you think?

Do/ Don’t you agree?

What’s your view (then)?

How do you see that?

What’s your opinion?


Expressing your own opinion

I think that…

In my opinion…

In my view…

I feel that…

My view is that…

To my way of thinking

In other words, I guess

From my point of view

It seems to me, as far as I could see

As far as I am concerned

As I see, for all I know


4. Trying to change someone’s opinion

But don’t you think…?

(Yes, but) do you really think…?

No, but look, …

Well, think, if it is this way…

Are you kidding?

You can’t mean that surely?

But if we look at it in another light…

But there are other considerations, for example…

I respect your opinion, however…


Agreement, approval

I fully agree with you.

That’s just what I was going to say

Beyond all doubt

I think so

I think it’s a good way of…

I’m with you here

I can’t help thinking the same



I don’t think that’s quite right

I disagree with you

I’m afraid I don’t agree with you

That’s not quite right

You are not right (there)

I wouldn’t say so

Oh no, quite on the contrary

Far from it

I don’t think so

Nothing of the kind

I am against it

There’s something in what you say, but…

I wonder what makes you think so

I am not sure I go along with you on that

I am not at all convinced

I can’t say I share your view


Expressing likes, dislikes and preferences

I like to…

I’d like to…

I love…

I’m very/extremely fond of…

I’m crazy about…

O, don’t ask me about…

I’d rather (do smth)…

I’ve always wanted to…

I would love doing smth…

I would much prefer…

I’m afraid I don’t like…

I hate it

I can’t put up with it



That’s excellent work

That’s great. It’s a real thing.

You are doing very well.

Right! That’s just right.

Not too bad.

Well done.

It’s fantastic!

Absolutely lovely.



Not very good, I am afraid

You can do better than that

You are too careless

Speak up, please. You are hesitating at every word.


Showing you are pleased

I’m very pleased with… It’s very exciting

I find… very exciting (marvelous, wonderful)

Great! Terrific! Fantastic! Super! Smashing!

I can’t say how pleased (delighted) I am.

I’m very excited (fascinated) by…

…is most exciting (fascinating)


Showing you are disappointed

I’m disappointed

I’m rather (very) disappointed

How boring!

It looks (sounds) rather boring

I’m sorry, but … rather bores me

I don’t think it’s very exciting (interesting)

It wasn’t as good as I’d expected

It’s deadly (awfully, incredibly) boring

I’m fed up with…

I have to say I’m very disappointed

It comes as a great disappointment


Making suggestions

What about…

Why not to do (smth)

Why don’t you (we)…

In my opinion the best thing is to…

I’ve got a great (marvelous) idea, we could…


Refusing suggestions

It’s out of the question to…

Of course we couldn’t…

What a ridiculous idea


Giving advice

I think you should…

You’d better (do smth)

If I were you I would (do…)

Why don’t you


Asking for advice

Do you think I should…

Would you advise me…

What do you think I should (do…)

Do you think it’s advisable to…

If you were in my position would you…


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