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On a day-to-day basis

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I think = As far as I’m concerned, = I believe

agree = cons'ent = agree entirely, give your consent (to do smth)

referring to = according to

наверстать, догнать - overtake = to catch up with. catch up with things at work

to overtake – обогнать (победить кого-то на трассе или по карьере – где угодно)

in regard to= reffering to = with respect to = в отношении

unite = join = combine = come together = coalesce [kəʊːəlˈes] - объединяться, в одно

perfect = flawless= impeccable

usual = ordinary = run-of-the-mill = normal = traditional

different = diverse = varied /ˈveə.rɪd/ = dissimilar = contradictory = opposite = unusual = unique

slow = sluggish (вялый)

soon = shortly

find = detect, discover, reveal, locate, see

crazy = wild = insane

virtue = merit - добродетель, хорошее качество

offend = hurt = insult - оскорблять, обижать

disappointment = dissatisfaction

disaster = calamity

danger = threat = menace (неизбежная надвигающаяся угроза)

passion= desire, fervor

I have to = I am forced to do smth

forcesomeoneto dosmth / force someone into smth = make smb do smth

highlight = underline

obviously = clearly = apparently = distinctly

why = wherefore = how come (inf)

собираться - gather = meet = come together

continue = keep on = carry on

зависть - envy, jealousy, get jealous. I envy you. Why are you jealous of her? He gets really jealous if his girlfriend strikes up a friendship with another man.

fast = quick = prompt = rapid = at a fast pace = flying = immediate = accelerated

quickly = in a blink of an eye =in next to no time - и глазом не успел моргнуть

spend = allocate, give, allot, provide, budget, make available, waste, award

to pay = to fund = to budget

запрос = inquiry = request, enquiry

подчиняться - obey, comply,

some = some kind of = some amount / number of

suggest = offer = propose

have = possess = own

restrict = restrain

annoying = bothersome

reliable = credible = trustworthy

be present = be in place

help do smth = to do smth

argue = dispute = debate

boring = dull - скучный, глупый = blunt - тупой = tedious - утомительный

unethical = immoral (methods)

not needed = unnecessary

foresee = anticipate (= expect) = predict = to forecast - прогнозировать, предвидеть

unforeseeable = unforeseen [consequences] - непредвиденные

in the foreseeable future - в обозримом будущем

easy = efortless

bad effects = negative consequences

recently = in recent years

alternative methods = alternative

zeal - рвение, усердие

approximately = in the vicinity of. The team is believed to have paid in the vicinity of £3 million for Domingo.

a taste = flavor

show up = appear

gentle = tender; tenderness - нежность

surprising = startling

package = parcel - посылка

tired = weary - утомленный, уставший

спорный = controversial, disputable, debatable, contentious, arguable

argument = aspect

actually = in fact

harmful = detrimental (f) = damaging - detrimental effect/impacton the environment.

hardly = scarcely[skˈeəːsli] = barely

give (physical thing) = provide (abstract thing)

earn = make money = bring in (millions of dollars)

sincere = candid - искренний

desired = coveted - вожделенный, желанный

lame (day) = bad

probability = likelihood

to stop = to halt = to ban

variant = option = choice

exactly = precisely - точно

communicate = interact = contact

is invented = has been developed = is at hand (под рукой)

facilities = infrastructure -объекты, инфраструктура. healthcare, accommodation and transport facilities

ignore = disregard = neglect (the downsides of) - пренебрегать (v,n)

deceive = delude = trick = spoof = ploy (уловка); be deceived; deceit, bluff - обман, блеф (n)

I am 100% sure = I bet smth

brave = intrepid = courageous = fearless - бесстращный, отважный

to call = to phone

similarly = likewise (также)

dissatisfaction = disappointment

to include - to incorporate

to buy = to obtain

сомневаться = to doubt = to question

convenient = compfortable = useful, etc

most = overwhelming majority

simply = merely

among = amidst

angry = furious = rageful

seamlessly = effortlessly - легко

serious = mature= unplayful

00:30 p.m. = 00:30

abrupt = sudden =rapid

government = administration

much more =

cool =

cheap = low-priced = downmarket (-)

quite =

loud =

fat = greasy = an overweight man - жирный

research = survey

such as = as varied as = as diverse as

about = regarding

price of = cost of

build = construct

struggle = suffer

turn down an offer = refuse

explain = account for smth

analyse = evaluate the improvements

to commend = to recommend

attempt to = try to

the faintest = the slightest

old = The clock is an antique; it's probably a collector's item.

be getting into smth (pop music) = become interested

harm (to health) = damage (physical, to building), hurt

ask = plea for smth- (formal) - an urgent and emotional request. Эмоциональная (важная) просьба. They made a desperate plea for help. The President has made an emotional plea for the killing to stop.

clear = easy to understand = unambiguous = comprehensible

to demonstrate = to showcase

especially = notably. Some countries, notably France and Japan, have large nuclear power generating capacities.

at/from the outset = at/form the beginning. From the outset of expedition. I told him at/from the outset I wasn't interested.

anyhow = anyway = in any case - как бы то ни было, в любом случае

smth take oversmth = assume control, become more powerful

to show = to reflect (отражать) - the clothes you see on the catwalk don’t always reflect what normal people wear

celebrity = famous people = actors & actresses = star = icon = idol = popular personalities = childhood idol=superstar

stardom = fame


glamour and wealth = well-being = rich = famous

achievement = accomplishement

difference = distinction = dissimilarity

all around the world = across the world


+ antonyms

clumsy - graceful

exact - approximate

scarce (adj) - plentiful.

rigid (жесткий), fixed - flexible

willing - reluctant

free - paid

worthless - valuable - полезное



! repeat

people = individuals = individual persons = citizens (гражданин)= individual citizens = person = (city) inhabitants = generation = residents (of a country)= resident population

society = country = nation = population = humanity = mankind (человечество) = the whole humankind = human race

children = adolescents (подросток) = youngster = the youth = the young= the younger generation = young people = teen = teenager = pupils = minors = kid (inf)

Old people = elderly people = the old = the elders = senior citizens = the older generation = older citizens = pensioners

good = great = splendid(великолепный) = superb = delightful = astonishing = magnificent = marvelous = amusing (изумительный) = wonderful = fantastic =enjoyable, favorable(idea) (благоприятный, хороший) = outstanding (achievement/ movie) = exciting = thrilling = amazing(inf), superior, incredible = tremendous = extreme

nice = pleasant = divine = heavenly= exciting = rewarding (experience) = amazing = wonderful

the best = unsurpassed = unrivaled =the greatest [extent] = the finest = the most excellent (bargain) = utmost = uttermost (formal). Utmost freedom. The new model of the car offers the utmost in power and performance. The situation needs to be handled with the utmost care. utmost - все возможное. Do your utmost - сделать все возможное

= very important (as adj) - utmost care /importance

bad = awful, negative, terrible(very bad), horrible, dreadful, outrageous(возмутительный), despicable (вызывающий отвращение, гадкий), disgraceful, unsound (= not acceptable), unfit = tough =unpleasant

like = I simply adore = be really into smth (inf) = be passionate about = be fond of = find your heart in =be keen on = be interested in = be a true fan of = love = be eager to do smth = be obsessed with

like = enjoy =relish = be delighted = smth appeals to me = be attracted to = be captivated by (= be obsessed with) = don't mind (other kinds of film)

don't like = be dissatisfied = be disappointed = dislike

hate = loathe = detest = can't stand = abominate = have negative feelings = not so keen on = not much a fan of = not my cup of tea

popular = widespread = prevalent = well-liked = common = commonly used = widely used

be prevalent in — распространены в




happy = be content (but contented smile) be content !with smth / to do smth (not -ed) = in high spirits = delighted = excited = be pleased with = satisfied with = joyful = glad = be satisfied with

sad = dissatisfied = miserable, gloomy, disheartened, blue, heartbroken =unhappy = grim

get = gain = acquire = obtain = receive = gain some insight into [real work situations] - получать; acquire knowledge / information / other business

big = huge = enormous=immense=tremendous = significant = vast (= very big)=size above imagination = cumbersome (-, громоздкий) = gigantic = unbelievable size

bigger = greater = more immense etc.

difficult = hard = challenging= sophisticated (system) = complicated (task) = complex = daunting = tough = exhausting = arduous = requiring effort

most of people = the majority - большинство

mostly = mainly = primarily - шлавным образом, большей частью We're primarily concerned with keeping expenditure down.


often = frequently = constantly = time after time =most of the time(s) = time and time again =not uncommon

sometimes = occasionally = rarely = from time to time =seldom = hardly ever - редко


before = prior to = previous

after = following, next, upcoming

the next day (inf) = the following day (f),

did smth = managed to do smth (if you wanted to do it)

did not do smth = failed to do smth (f)

admire (respect) = value = appreciate = cherish

participate = take part in = partake

to opt out - not to take part in smth

lifestyle = way of life

terrifying = very frightening

change = alter

joy = excitement = pleasure = delight

start = begin = commence = launch = initiate = start off by/with smth = to take up smth = undertake (smth difficult: exam, or a job)

little = shortage of=be in shortage of smth = not enough = to lack smth =torun out of smth

indeed = truly = certainly- действительно. bc Friday evening can be busy indeed. (to emphasize smth)

fun = gladness = joy = merriment = cheer = entertainment = pleasure

famous = be well-known = be world-famous = be well-liked = popular = be the most renowned(the China's most renowned landmarks are)

hope = wish = believe = expect = aspire

I prefer = I am more leaning towards = I'd rather than = I like smth more than smth else

ways of = means of

trait = quality = characteristic = feature= aspect = factor

money = sums spent on = resources


To learn

expensive = costly = high-priced = classy (place) = overpriced

rich = wealthy = affluent (city) = abundant (изобильный) =well-off = prosperous(parents)

(rich kids who) live off their parents - жить за чужой счет. to live off youruncle all your life!

top-notch (restaurant) (inf) = excellent, first-class

lavish parties - шикарные вечеринки (типа как в Монако), расточительный

luxurious (роскошный) = deluxe = high-class=chic [ʃˈiːk] (шикарный)= classy = posh(inf) = sumptuous (luxurious, rich)= upmarket= chic = fashionable; opp downmarket (-) (clothes, newspaper)

fashionable (модный) = trendy(clothes, nightclub) = stylish = fancy (restaurant) = hip = chic

tacky - безвкусный

уродливый - an eyesore =ugly = ugliness

I am going to = I intend to do smth = I am up for smth (to smth?)

encourage = urge = induce = motivate =persuade = arouse (emotion) - побуждать = incite = impel

discourage = to deter from. Increasing fuel prices does not usually deter people from using their cars

several = various = a variety of = a few = a range of

close to = nearby = in the vicinity of = within (easy) reach of. There are several hotels inthe immediatevicinity ofthe station.

important = substantial = vital = essential = crucial = critical = paramount = top priority = main priority = play a vital role in

help = to assist = to aid = to lend a helping hand to

to endeavour = make efforts = strive - стараться, прилагать усилия

+ adj, epithets

поразительный, потрясающий - amazing = exciting = spectacular = startling = astounding, breathtaking = sensational = terrific =tremendous = thrilling

удивительный - astonishing, amazing, surprising, wonderful, remarkable, marvelous

charming, enchanting, fascinating, glamorous, lovely, captivating - очаровательный

элегантный - elegant, graceful (girl moves gracefully),charming

beautiful = handsome, lovely, good-looking, superb, charming, gorgeous, magnificent, excellent

= attractive = enchanting, appealing, engaging, catching, alluring, so out of this world

поразительный - striking, amazing, astounding, astonishing, breathtaking, sensational, startling

adorable = charming = lovely = enchanting– прелестный, очаровательный

embarrassed = confused = bewildered – смущенный


ошеломляющий - staggering, astonishing, stunning, overwhelming(feelings = переполняющие чувства), staggering (shocking and surprising), stunning, overwhelming, = astonishing

изумленный = astonished, amazed, surprised

ужасающий - terrifying (i was terrified = Я был в ужасе)

разочаровывающий - disappointing, frustrating,

раздражающий - annoying (надоедливый) = irritating (noise)

пленительный - captivating, enchanting, fascinating

огромный - enormous, huge, tremendous, immense

ошеломленный - overwhelmed, bemused. be overwhelmed with

восхищение - admiration, rapture (восторг), delight


interesting = amusing = entertaining =worth to mention = fascinating = compelling (experiences) = attention-grabbing = captivating = exciting

bright = vivid - яркий, живой

aggravating = annoying = irritating = nerve-racking - досадный, надоедливый, раздражающий нехороший

blatant - вопиющий

petty (crime, stock)- маловажный, мелкий

mind-numbing = boring

cutting-edge = futuristic

disgusting = gruesome - ужасный, отвратительный; disgust - отвращение; disgustedly — с отвращением

sky-high = very high = skyrocketing

lousy (company) - паршивый

be worthwhile - стоящий



неоспоримый - undeniable, indesputable

unacceptable (state of the room)- неприемлимый

irresistible - неотразимый, не устоять


impractical - непрактично

unreal - нереальный

Неочевидный - non-obvious, not obvious

obscurity - opposite of fame - забвение, тебя забыли

impatient - нетерпеливый

unacceptable (not "inacceptable")

unhelpful (attitude of smn)

unwillingness - нежелание

unpretentious - неприхотливый

indifferent - равнодушный

indifference — безразличие

insensible - бесчувственный

untrustworthy - ненадежный

undesirable - не желанный, не хочу это

non-confident - неуверенный




+ Writing

should do it = would be beneficial to smb/smth = unwise not to = would be advantageous = a favorable(idea) (благоприятный, хороший) = would be of great use = it is a good idea= helpful to = useful = come in handy (пригодиться) = smth of benefit = benefit from smth = valuable = of value = profitable = be rewarding = gainful = would be unwise to stop smt/, to prevent from smth

tangible benefits - ощутимые выгоды, tengible evidence

It was beneficial to me in a way that (I've learned a new technique) - было полезно тем, что …

positively = beneficial = of use = more productive = i prefer to work


advantage = benefit ofsmthtosmb= merit = argument for = (the major) argument in favor of/against = positive aspect of

One of the many benefits offoreign travel is learning how to cope with the unexpected.

there are several benefits to taking time off to travel. (not benefits of)

disadvantage = drawback (= downside) = problem = argument against = negative aspect of …= shortcomings of

! use drawback instead of disadvantages


opinion = point of view

think =consider = suppose = assume= believe= imagine = it is probable that = be of the opinion that = be firm in your conviction (тверды в убеждении) = It is my firm conviction that= it may be argued that = realise = probably

say = maintain = claim = argue = notice= point out = draw attention to = comment on =mean =mention = agree = to advocate (защищать)

imply (подразумевать), be implied - подразумевалось

to question smth = to challenge - подвергать сомнению

probably= perhaps = potentially = maybe =it is quite possible = there is a high chance that

feasible = possible - возможный, осуществимый; infeasible = impossible
= apparently (по-видимому) = seemingly = one can assume

благодарность, признательность - appreciation, gratitude, acknowledgment, thankfulness, credit,

to acknowledge — признавать


просьба = request, wish, plea, desire

obviously = undeniably, undoubtedly = evidently =doubtlessly = certainly = no wonder (inf)

they = the ones

it = the one

As fas as I know = To my knowledge,

diverse = varied = several

спорный = controversial, disputable, debatable, contentious, arguable

achieve = attain = reach yourgoals = meet expectations = accomplish

Too much = to excess = overmuch = слишком много. excessive - чрезмерный

be going to = be about to = be planning to = be up to -?


before = by the time

at the end = eventually - в конце концов

I cannot = I [totally] fail to

if = unless= provided that = as long as = supposing = even if

недавно = in recent years = recently


+ Linkers (especially useful for writing)

Firstly / Secondly/ Finally

and = also = In addition = as a matter of fact = similarly = as well as this, …= besides = together with

Furthermore, Moreover - next info is more important

As well as smth, smth else; apart from this, what is more, on top of that, not to mention [the fact] that


actually = In fact,


while -> whilst =when = at the same time as, providing that (provided, on condition that), unless, as long as


Avoid in writing:

really – just omit it

a lot of = plenty of = fairly broad range of = a vast variety of =loads of (inf) = tons of(inf)

some = quite a lot of = a good number of - She had a good number of friends in the area

many = plenty of = a lot = legion = a vast variety of = countless = piles of = the majotity of =considerably = a large number/amount of = a great deal of(inf)

a lot of time = a great proportion of live



what is more; For this reason

, as mentioned above


+ Contrast

On the one hand/ on the other hand

Avoid using "on the contrary" (?)


in contrast tosmth= on the other hand, = , otherwise I hardly ever use it for…

but = Although..., = , however, = though(хотя) = , despite smth(the fact that) = in spite of= while = whereas = regardless of = whereas in fact

Even though...

Наоборот - vice versa

nevertheless =, nonetheless = (in surprising and not trivial situations)

, except for

Regardless of the fact…

Despite / in spite of the X, we did Y

on the opposite

if = whether = in case


Despite the government having built many new homes for young families (past, bc "before that"), some young couples are unable to afford them.

"Dispite, In spite of" is better than "Although / However" - bc rarer


whilst it is essential that smth (young people receive qualifications), it is also important that smth (they develop …)

+ Compare

quite as hard as

nearly as good as

more or less

likewise = in the same way = similar to = to mirror smth = just as = looks like = to reflect

as … (good) as …, not as … as …

smth = in the same vein

(such high standard of living)barely conceivableatthe beginning of the last century - невозможно было предствить

in contrast to = compared to = in comparison

there is no comparison. - даже сравнивать нельзя, оч большая разница

I would compare this to

rather .. than; I'd rather stay at home (without "than" - ?)

prefer smth to smth; if you prefer the coat without hood (no "to"); Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Some people prefer a vegetarian diet, while others prefer a meat-based diet. I'd prefer not todiscuss this issue

+ Examples

like = for instance = for example = for one = such as … = to name but a few (no comma) = not to mention

This can be illustrated by … = a conspicuous example is /kənˈspɪk.ju.əs/ (бросающийся в глаза)

If I was asked to give an example, I would note x

Another example could be

such as … just to name a few

As a matter of fact this idea is best illustrated with the example of …

= As an illustration = To use a common example of this

This is evident in… = This is obvious from … = This is apparent from …

the examples that comes to my mind are … (разг.)

To use a common example of this …

… would be a perfect couple of examples

the most of the superb amenities, ranging from the excellent shops to some of the best restaurants in the world.

the most of the superb amenities: the excellent shops and some of the best restaurants to name but a few

+ Reason

because = since = as = due to the fact that = caused bysmth= owing to = as a result of = attribute this to(sp) = in the light of

In the light of recent incidents, we are asking our customers to take particular care of their personal belongings.


so = therefore = thus = consequently = hence = that’s why

depend on smth = as far as smth is concerned, =

due to = According to smth,statement. =With reference to smth, it becomes clear that…


+ Prepositions

think of = imagine or recall, is your main focus, you can think of only one thing at once.

Think of at least 3 questions to ask him/her - придумать

Have you thought of going to the club tonight, - подумать

think about = consider,your focus is less intense, you can think about many things at once

be involved with some activity (not in)

(advise / suggest) doing / we do smth

be jealous of smth

have an effect on = be (hevily) affected by smth = be influenced by

benefit fromsmth (by doing smth)

by the end of [the period] - к окончанию

reason for smth

pay attention to smth

because of smth, result of smth, consequence of smth

insist on smth - настаивать на чем-то

be responsible for smth - ответственность за что-то

have [good/bad] influence on people; to influence people (no prep)

elaborate on smth - to add more information, to explain in more detail

open your books to page five - открой книгу на странице 5

on the radio / on TV

listen to music, listen to the radio. What kind of music do you listen to?

consequence of smth

be good at smth (English etc)

to talk to smb. talk to me

to head for - направляться

be attracted to smth

a drawback of smth

control over smth

have an effect on smth

there are reports of

work on smth - работать над чем-то

remove from = take out of

think for yourself/themselves - думай за себя

at the latest by end of next week [it should be done]

depends on you - зависит от тебя

agree with someone’s opinion


In the city. in the forest, in the mountains, in the south. - в большом месте (город, страна, регион).

in/on the street (встреч. оба варианта) - на улице

in a line/queue - в очереди; in a row - в ряд

in bed, in hospital, in prison - в постели/больнице/тюрьме

in a book/newspaper/magazine. Read in newspaper. Read in magazine

in the picture, in the photograph (we can see) - когда что -то изображено на картине/фотографии; - in a mirror - в зеркале

in the armchair - в кресле, (Но: on the chair на стуле)

in the corner of a room - в углу комнаты


at - находится в помещении или другом небольшом месте.

at event (at carnival), atthe place in the city (café, stadium, shop …)

at the shop, at school, at Macy's, at the cinema,at the theater/cinema/library/office/party

at home, at my house, at work, at the bus stop, at the crossroads

at the back/at the front of a building/group of people

at 1228 A Street - at address

on the wall - на стене (картина, зеркало)

at the wall, at the door, at the window - у стены, двери и т.д.

at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page - наверху страницы/внизу страницы


on - на поверхности.

Don't step on the grass

on the beach - на пляже;

on the plane/train/ship/bus/bike/horse

(But: in the car/in the taxi)

on this page

on the shelf

on the menu, on the map

on the radio, on TV

on the front/back of a letter/paper - на лицевой/обратной стороне письма/документа;

on the left/right (you can see) - слева/справа;

on the way (to) - по дороге, по пути (к);

on foot/holiday/sale/business - пешком/в отпуске/распродажа/по делу


At In On
at work, at home, at school, at university, at college at the top, at the bottom, at the side at reception at the bus stop at the top of the page at the end of the road at the entrance in the water in the sea in towns and villages in the street in the sky in a picture in a mirror in London (in the city) in the garden   on the nose on a page исключения on a bus, on a train, on a plane, on a ship, on a bicycle, on a motorbike, on a horse, on an elephant (any transport) on the radio, on television on the left on the right on the ground floor on the way on the second floor on a river on the floor / ceiling on the menu on a road (in the street)


Prepositions with time

At - with time: at 5 o'clock, at 11:45, at midnight, at lunch time, at the weekend, at the same time, at Christmas / at Easter, at the end of July

On - with dates and days: on 12th March, on Friday(s), on Chrismas day, on New Yar's Eve, on Friday mornings, on Sunday afternoons

In - for periods, longer than one day: in two weeks, in the winter, in the morning / afternoon / evening.

A time in the future = In + a period of time (The train will be leaving in a few minutes, he will be back in a week)


aim for, aim at,

Apologize for

forgive for

Wait for

rely on

a solution to a problem, answer to a question, a reply to a question, a key to

debate about smth


I have been to the USA

listen to music


an increase inproduction, an increase of 7 percent



+ Phrases with prepositions

make up a story/explanation - придумать на ходу (чего не было)

to make up for smth = compensate - восполнить, компенсировать

Make up your mind. - принять решение

придумывать, выдумывать, сочинять, изобретать - think up, thinking up (придумай идею)

make out = pretend - притвориться

skim through - бегло просмотреть (письмо)

bumped into - наткнулся на что-то (неожиданно) (inf)

familiarize yourself with - ознакомиться с


agree to (appointment, plans, terms etc.)- Both sides in the conflict have agreed to the terms of the peace treaty. They are unlikely to agree to these plans unless the cost is reduced.

agree with - I agree with you

attribute to - The doctors have attributed the cause of the illness to an unknown virus.

eat out -eat in a restaurant

look after - присматривать


fall apart - развалиться

let down - подвести

come up - выслывать. What points came up at the meeting?

go on vacation, be on vacation



+ No preposition

make sb do smth

provided me, provided for me

phone someone

enter smth (the room)

let smd do smth (not let smb to do smth). thanks for letting me stay over at your house

to help smb do smth (not "to do") help developing countries develop their economies, help her start her own business

play the guitar

Wish smb smth



benefit tosmth (benefit to getting a job), but beneficial for smb to do smth

report on progress / facts

required for job/ non required

break down carry out cut back on cut off do away with do up

end up fall through hold up keep on let down let off

pull out of pull through show up wear off

wear out

work smth out - разобраться, понять, допереть

prevent from - препятствовать

prepare for smth

look forward to smth

search for smth [in the Internet] = look for - искать что-то

to come up withan idea, plan - выдвинуть, придумать идею. come up with fresh ideas

go through - тщательно проверить, просмотреть

run out of smth - закончилось

there is a lack of = be short on smth (time/fuel) - мало осталось, нехватка

stand out - выделяться

turn out - оказывается (неожиданно)

a problem with

to apply for

put your effors into

surround yourself with English books - окружить себя

be good at / be bad at

answer [to] somebody

ask smb

Interfere in smth

derives from - вытекает из

from … to = from … till - from 9 to 5 - с 9 до 5

during - в течении. during the day, during the evening, during the lunchtime. Отвечает на вопрос "когда?"

by - действие произойдет к определённому моменту: by the end of the week - к концу недели

there is evidence of smth

listen to someone

have severe affects for someone

From the evidence of

wait for smb

get irritated by smth - быть раздраженным чем-то

immerse yourself with smth - погрузиться (с головой) во что-то

prepare for smth

be wrapped in smth and covered in smth

to remind about – напоминать

you remind me of smb - напоминаешь ты мне кого-то

become increasingly sceptical about smth

raise money for

at your age, at the age of 14

to show up somewhere - появиться

Предлоги времени не употребляются в выражениях со словами:
next и last:

one, any, each, every, some, all: we travel every August, we can meet any day (not "at any day")

walk to the shop - идти в магазин

Мужчина ехал с горы. - A man skied down the mountain

to = towards - go to work, A girl was running to the bus

I'll see you at the mall tonight

We met at a party
Maria is studying at University

We were very surprised atthe result.

be impeded from - препятствовать

impediment to smth

be obliged to do smth

put much effort into

another way of doing smth is

take advantage of smth

in compliance with - в соответствии с

unsuitable for someone - неподходящий

to make an appointment with someone -

to yell at smb

talk to you

got an idea ofsmth

have a question forsmn

be aware of smth (not about)

regret for

afford for someone to do something

go to work

at the office

insist on

in accordance with - в соответствии с = in compliance with

in accordance with his or her individual learning style / personal preferences

at/in my job

at work


+ Other prepositions

have trouble with

be happy/frustrated/angry etc about

assure you of smth

object to smth - возражать против

Speak to smb

Look for - search for

look up - check with /in a dictionary or a reference book

a picture of smth

a reaction to smth

married to someone

apply for a job

belong to someone

ask for smth

blame someone for smth

charge with robbery

congratulate onsmth

correspond to smthbe an analog to smth

believe in

deal with (it)

divide/split/cut into

do smth about smth (to improve bad situation)

explain smth to someone

Remind of

Spend money on

warn about something

do some research on

come along - to arrive or appear at a place. You go now and I'll come along later.



+ Errors

At the beginning of smth (at the beginning of a month, at the beginning of a movie)

at the beginning/end of May


НЕ оглушай согласные на конце: knives, lives

r на конце НЕ произносится: linger [lɪŋ.gə]


I have been to England.


people have certain things that they think it is impossible to do


people have certain things that [they think] are impossible to do


be at the school/ at the hospital/ at the theatre etc. (with any place in city) (not in school)


such amood (use article after "such" - if it is a countable word)

such an opportunity

at such a young age


cooler - correct, более крутой

cleverer - correct

have been to the cinema


progress more quickly (not "progress quicker" bc quicker in adj. Can say "a quicker progress"). Use more with adv

progress themost quickly (same as for adj)


forbid - forbade - forbidden

seek - sought - sought

fall - fell - fallen

feel - felt - felt

hang - hung - hung

shine - shined/shone - shined/shone

rise - rose - risen

split-split-split (the money)


How long have you been here? (not "For how long" -it is outdated)


electronic gadgets (not "electrical")

classical music (not classic)



Once I started going to primary school, the focus of my world changed(not “has changed”, потому что есть указание на время при помощи “once”)

when = once

I often come here (not "I come here often") - wo

have only recently been banned

They reminded me what a great time I had (not had had) - but probable?

argue -> arguable (not "argueable")


I did not know where you had disappeared, therefore I found another teacher. (not "have found")


most of us do not (not "does")


freer = more free


Untilrecently the civil war had been largely unreported in the press.

it has always beenmy dream

the parental role has always been to upring hsildren and to give them high qulity well-rounded education


I have been to the USA


!!! How long were you in Egypt - not have been, потому что уже приехал

I had been learning English for 5 years (befroe smth else, when I was a child)




As well as X, Y



responsible for, responsibility for


to invite you to a dinner party next Saturday evening (not "on next Saturday"!)

to let smb do smth (not let smb to do smth). thanks for letting me stay over at your house

to help smb do smth (not "to do") help developing countries develop their economies, help her start her own business


I’ll be staying at the Imperial Hotel in Bundaberg (at café, at a stadium)




effect /if'ect/

live [лайв] (concert) - НЕ оглушай согласные на конце


'varied- /ˈveə.rɪd/

hot'el - [hote'l]



enhance /ɪnˈhɑːn t  s/

endurance /in…/

ex'ecutive /ɪgˈzek.jʊ.tɪv/

fairer [fərə]


authorities /ɔːˈθɒr.ɪ.ti/

tempting /ˈtemp.tɪŋ/

int'uitively - интуитивно



Furthermore, further

necessary, necessity(n), necessarily

receive, receiving













parents', students', pupils', workers', people's, children's

students' union, workers' union


world's computers, today's newspaper

school's role … - ? why

government's role, responsibility ..

I have six years’experience working in this field

co-ordination, co-operative, co-worker etc.

лежать - lie - lay - lain

лгать - regular (lie - lied - lied)

fall - fell - fallen

rise - rose - risen

far - farther - the farthest

seek - sought - sought


fundraising (one word)


Russian - always starts from the capital letter, even when it is an adjective



Hillside Road, Fifth Avenue, Palace Square

weekday, weekend




no one(not noone)

college (not colledge)





sports equipment

necessary, unnecessary


timetable (one word)

arrange a meeting


(my) home town (2 words)

deteriorate , deteriorating

newborn - новорожденный


addressee - адресат




it is a ten minutes' walk

two days' trip


the thing worth /wɜːθ/ mentioning is



do NOT use "that" ot "this" or "it" in the first sentence in the paragpaph




No article

part of smth (not "a part") - bc "part' is U

a pair of skis

life - no art (when talking about in general) Life is too short to spend all our time working.

but: [he had] a productive life, a working life


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