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II. Solve the puzzle

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Fill in the puzzle with the verb forms of the nouns below

Across Down
1. production (7) ____________________ 4. launch (6)________________________ 7. competition (7) ___________________ 10. sponsorship (7) __________________ 11. advertisement (9) ________________ 12. marketing (6) ___________________   2. consumption (7) _________________ 3. publicity (9) ____________________ 5. promotion (7) ___________________ 6. regulation (8) ___________________ 9. confirmation (7) _________________ 9. packaging (7) ___________________


Lesson 3. Advertising Tips

Warm up

Discuss what you think was wrong with the following advertising campaigns.

a. A hair products company advertised new styling tongs with the name ‘Mist’. They sold well all over the world but were not a success in Germany. Why not?

b. An electronics company produced a new vacuum cleaner and advertised it with the slogan, ‘Nothing sucks like (name of product)’. The vacuum sold well in English-speaking countries but not in America. Why not?

c. A company selling nappies worldwide used the image of a stork delivering disposable nappies to expectant parents. The advert was a success in Europe and America but a failure in Japan. Why?


I. Read and translate the text. Discuss it with your partner.

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