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It is a rare honor to be invited into a Swiss home. One should bring a gift to show one's appreciation of the privilege, but flowers are only one possibility. Comestibles, such as sweets or wine, are equally welcome. If flowers are brought, avoid white carnations (funeral) and red roses (romantic connotations).


A bouquet should have an odd number of flowers, but never seven or thirteen. On Labor Day (May 1) the French give lily-of-the-valley. Red roses are not reserved for lovers, but do imply a familiarity that business associates are unlikely to achieve. Carnations are associated with bad luck. Chrysanthemums are used for funerals, and are placed on graves on All Saints Day (November 1). If you are invited to dinner, be sure to bring flowers. No gifts are brought to formal dinners, of course. In general, the later the dinner, the more formal the event.

Profile Intermediate, Oxford Business English



Discuss the following questions within your group.

1. What are the cases of giving flowers?

2. Name two situations in which flowers are useful to businesspeople.

3. Can you describe flower traditions in different countries?

4. Get ready to enlarge your knowledge in this sphere. Prepare for the discussion on flower traditions in Russia (business, romantic or other connotations).

5. Speak about international gift-giving.


Learn how to build a negotiation strategy, use the specific language, solve different problems and conflict situations

Lesson 1. Presenting

Warm Up

I. Comment on the expression: Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much. (John Wayne, Hollywood film star)

II. Think of successful talks you’ve been to in the past. What made them so successful? Complete the following list of elements that make a good presentation using the words in the boxes.

a-e humour talk appearance knowledge f-j preparation language attitude voice visuals

To be a good presenter you need …

  1. a well-structured _____________
  2. thorough subject _____________
  3. a smart and professional _______
  4. a good sense of ______________
  5. good eye ___________________
  6. an enthusiastic ______________
  7. a strong ____________________
  8. a creative use of _____________
  9. expressive body _____________
  10. careful_____________________

III. With a partner, discuss the elements in 1 and number them in order of importance. Use the phrases below in your discussion.

What you need most of all is … Another important thing is … I think … is pretty important too … can make a real difference It helps if … , but it’s not essential You don’t need …, as long as …

IV. Add your own ideas to the list in 3

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