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V. Discussion

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1)What is the spirit of an organization?

2) It is the purpose of an organization to “make common man do uncommon things” – this phrasing is Lord Beveridge’s. Do you agree with it? When (in what conditions) will an ordinary man do extraordinary things?

3) How can you test working relations in a company?

4) What is the main criterion of a good spirit in an office?

5) Enumerate the five areas in which practices are required to ensure the right spirit throughout management organization.

6) Explain what the “Charter” is. Should every company have a charter? What about our university?

7) No one is less realistic than the cynic. How do you understand this statement?

8) What things in a person can\can’t you forgive?


Express your opinion what points should be included in the Charter of your group\your faculty\your circle of friends, etc. Compose a list of rules how to behave (at least 15 items).


Analyze management style of the university.Study the University Charter and present it to the group.


Learn how to deal with glass ceiling and discrimination at work; how to give flowers to your business partners; learn about product tampering.

Lesson 1. Business cards


I. Have you ever given anybody your business card? How was it?

II. Have you ever got business cards? How did you receive it?


I. Read the text about how to give and receive business cards correctly.

Take your time. It's impossible to convey respect if you fling your card at someone. Remember that the left hand is considered unclean in the Islamic world. Even in many non-Islamic areas of Africa and Asia, the tradition has evolved of using the right hand in preference over the left.

In some parts of Asia (notably Japan), presenting a card with two hands conveys respect. When using both hands, hold your card by the two upper corners.

When you receive a business card, immediately take time to read it. This is a good time to repeat the person's name, especially if it is in a language you're not familiar with. While you may write on your own card, never write on someone else's business card.

Ideally, you should store your business cards in a small case. If you don't have a card case with you, put your cards in a front or side pocket.

It's only polite to have your card translated into the local language. One side of the card should be in your language, the opposite side in the local language.

Bring plenty of cards. In some countries, you will need two for each one-to-one visit, since the secretary will keep one card.

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The Spirit of organization| II. Make your own business card. Roleplay the situation of giving and receiving them according to the cultural preferences.

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