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Warm up. · Are you a leader? Would you like to be?

I. Brainstorm:

· Are you a leader? Would you like to be? Why?

· What associations have you got with the word “leader”?

· Do you agree that the success of a company depends on its leader? Give your arguments.

· What does a person need to become a good leader?

II. Test: “Are you the perfect partner?”

1. What do you think is most important for a successful relationship?

a. luck

b. the ability to compromise

c. trust

2. What do you prefer?

a. caring for others

b. being looked after

c. being independent

3. Who usually says sorry first after a quarrel?

a. you

b. your partner

c. you hardly ever quarrel

4. How important do you think faithfulness is in a relationship?

a. very

b. the occasional fling does no harm

c. not at all

5. How good are you at remembering birthdays and anniversaries?

a. useless

b. reasonable

c. not very good, so you keep a list

6. How do you react when your partner returns from the shops with a dress/shirt that you instantly hate?

a. tell them the truth

b. say you’ll need time to get used to it

c. say it’s lovely but wince every time they wear it


7. What’s your idea of the perfect romantic evening?

a. a candlelit dinner for two at a good restaurant

b. dancing at a popular disco

c. a quiet time together alone

8. What sort of relationship do you have with your old flames?

a. friendly

b. poisonous

c. non–existent

9. What do you do when your partner talks about something that doesn’t interest you?

a. listen politely but think about something else

b. try to take an interest

c. change the subject as soon as possible

10. What should the perfect partner be?

a. sexy

b. amusing

c. generous

d. kind

e. interesting

f. rich

11. Your partner isn’t feeling sociable and won’t go to a party. What do you do?

a. Phone and apologize that neither of you can come

b. Go alone, but leave early

c. Try again to persuade him/her to come but failing that go alone determined to have fun

d. find someone else to go with

From English for Business


1. a – 0 b – 2 c – 1 5. a – 0 b – 1 c – 2 9. a – 1 b – 2 c – 0

2. a – 2 b – 1 c – 0 6. a – 0 b – 2 c – 1 10. a – 0 b – 1 c – 1 d – 2 e – 2 f – 0

3. a – 1 b – 0 c – 2 7. a – 1 b – 0 c – 2 11. a – 2 b – 2 c – 1 d – 0

4. a – 2 b – 1 c – 0 8. a – 2 b – 0 c – 0


16 – 22You’d make a trouble-free, affectionate and easy-going partner – but be careful you’re not too nice or people will take advantage of you.

8 – 15You’re not perfect, but who is? You’re mentally and emotionally challenging and you shouldn’t choose a partner too similar to you.

0 – 7I’m afraid you’re one of life’s loners. Perhaps you’re being too selfish and your life could be more fulfilling if you had more time for others.

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