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II. In the extract above find the examples of

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  1. II. Which of the expressions above are used to
  2. Some examples of assessment systems. England.
  3. Translate the extract of the Guide into Russian.

  1. repetition
  2. rhetorical questions
  3. grouping points in threes
  4. pairs of contrasting points

III. Match the items in 2 to why they are effective.

Lexical exercises

I. Find in the lesson the equivalents of the following expressions. Why are these things important in negotiating?

зрительный контакт, использование наглядных средств, глубокое знание предмета, хорошее чувство юмора, выразительный язык жестов, тщательная подготовка, сильный голос, аудитория, публичные выступления, риторический вопрос, эмоционально подавать информацию.

II. Use the expressions from above in sentences of your own.

Lesson 2. Presentation Tips

Warm Up

I. Comment on the expression: The best audience is intelligent, well-educated and a little drunk. (Alben W. Barkley, ex-US vice-president)

II. In your opinion, what should an ideal audience be like?

Active Vocabulary

I. The following expressions will help you to give the clear structure to a presentation. Complete them using the correct preposition.

to on of off back about up for

1. To start ________ , then, …

2. To move ________ to my next point, …

3. To go ________ to what I was saying, …

4. To turn now ________ a different matter, …

5. To say a bit more ________ that, …

6. To dive you an example ________ what I mean, …

7. To digress ________ a moment, …

8. To sum ________ then, …

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