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Revision (Lessons 1-16)

I. Translate into English:


1. Позвольте представиться.

2. Линия занята.

3. Какую пошлину я должен заплатить?

4. Где производится таможенный досмотр?

5. Как вы переносите полёт?

6. С какой скоростью мы летим?

7. Я хочу забронировать одноместный номер.

8. Давай закажем десерт.

9. Принесите, пожалуйста, счёт!

10. Это первоклассный магазин.

11. Подойдите к прилавку.

12. Как пройти к ближайшей гостинице?

13. Идите прямо до светофора, затем поверните направо.

14. Я заблудился. Подскажите куда ведёт эта улица.

15. Компания подразделяется на 3 отдела.

16. Я рад, что мы пришли к согласию.

17. Мы ведём коммерческую деятельность в течение многих лет.

18. Мы закончили обсуждение условий поставки и оплаты товаров.

19. Условия контракта включают несколько пунктов.

20. Я хотел бы открыть валютный счёт в банке.


II. Translate into Russian:


1. After we settle the price problem we'll sign the contract.

2. If you agree to our terms we'll give you a discount.

3. If you are interested in our goods we'll send you our catalogues and price-lists.

4. We'll discuss these problems when we meet next time.

5. The commercial documents will be sent immediately.

6. The currency of payment has been confirmed.

7. The equipment indicated in Contract 258 was delivered on 30th July.

8. We have studied the catalogues enclosed with your letter.

9. The engines manufactured by this Company are in great demand on the European market.

10. The improved model has been offered to different firms.



III. Act out the following dialogues and make up the similar ones.

- Good afternoon, Mr. Black.

- Good afternoon, Mr.... Oh, I am sorry I am afraid I don't remember your name.

- Petrov. A typical Russian name.

- Good afternoon, Mr. Petrov.

- Glad to see you. We have not met for a long time.

- Did you have a good flight, Mr. Black?

- Oh, yes, the plane left London on time. Ah, excuse me, what's Moscow time now?

- It's half past nine.

- Thank you.

- And what hotel are we going to?

- I've made a reservation at the Intourist Hotel.

- Oh, I've heard a lot about it. But I have never stayed there.

- Here is the hotel.

- Oh, it's very big and beautiful.

- I hope the service is very good too... This way, please.... Here is the receptionist. Fill in this form, please.

- Here you are. Thank you for your help.... My room is 35 on the third-floor.

- Good. I'll telephone you tomorrow morning.

- Good. Thank you.

- Good-bye.

- Good-bye.

- Do you like your room?

- Yes, it's really very good. And the service is not bad.

- Do you know there is a restaurant on the first floor?

- Yes, I went there last night. It's small and very good. I like small restaurants. And the food was delicious.

- I am glad you like this hotel and the service.

- When can I see Mr. Bobrov?

- Does 2 o'clock suit you?

- Yes. That's fine.

- Then I'll meet you here in the lobby at 13.45 and take you to our offices. They are near the hotel. I hope it will not rain.

- Does it often rain here in summer?

- Oh, no. But yesterday it rained all day long.


- Now, if you don't mind, let's get down to business.

- Good.

- What would you like to start with?

- Let's discuss the price.

- Fine.

- What's your idea of an f.o.b. price?

- It's about 3500 pounds.'

- And if you deliver the machines c.i.f. English port?

- Then the price will be about 4000 pounds.

- I see.

- Can you give us a discount for a bigger order?

- How many machines are you going to buy?

- We can buy about twenty machines. And don't forget that we are your regular customers.

- Excuse me. I have to answer the telephone call... Well, you see, Mr. Popov, we have a problem in one of our local branches.

- Then let's meet tomorrow and discuss all the other problems.

- Yes, if you don't mind. Does 11 o'clock suit you?

- I'll be in your office tomorrow at 11.

- See you tomorrow. Good-bye.

- Good-bye.

- I am very glad we have signed this Contract.

- Oh, it is a very good Contract for both of us. And thank you for your invitation to come to this restaurant.

- Oh, it's a typical Russian restaurant. And the food is typically Russian too.

- Now, to our good business.

- And to our plans to increase our trade.

- I hope our relations will be better and better. To our good business!

IV. Look through the Business Letter and determine its type.

Messrs. Central Installations Dear Sirs, With regard to your advertisement in the "Builders' Journal" of 3rd November, we would ask you to send us a quotation for the new building materials which are described. There is a steady demand for building materials in our country, if your goods are of good quality, and we receive an acceptable offer, we will place large orders with you. Please quote f.o.b. prices. Payment is usually made for collection. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, Stroyimport


V. Write one of the business documents.

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