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SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

Developed by Netscape to provide security and privacy over the Internet. Supportsserver and client authentication and maintains the security and integrity ofthe transmission channel. Operates at the transport layer and mimics the “socketslibrary,” allowing it to be application independent. Encrypts the entire communicationchannel and does not support digital signatures at the message level. TheIETF merged SSL with PCT creating TLS.

SST (Secure Transaction Technology)

A secure payment protocol developed by Microsoft and Visa as a companion tothe PCT protocol.

Stream cipher

A class of symmetric key encryption where transformation can be changed foreach symbol of plain text being encrypted, useful for equipment with little memoryto buffer data.

STU-III (Secure Telephone Unit)

NSA designed telephone for secure voice and low-speed data communications foruse by the U.S. Dept. of Defense and their contractors.

Substitution cipher

The characters of the plain text are substituted with other characters to form thecipher text.

S/WAN (Secure Wide Area Network)

RSA Data Security, Inc. driven specifications for implementing IPSec to ensureinteroperability among firewall and TCP/IP products. S/WAN's goal is to useIPSec to allow companies to mix-and-match firewall and TCP/IP stack productsto build Internet-based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Symmetric algorithm

Also known as conventional, secret key, and single key algorithms; the encryptionand decryption key are either the same or can be calculated from one another.

TACACS+ (Terminal Access Controller Access Control System)

A protocol that provides remote access authentication, authorization, and relatedaccounting and logging services, used by Cisco Systems.


Recording the time of creation or existence of information.

TLS (Transport Layer Security)

The IETF standardization of SSL, merging in with it PCT. Today, much of whatis colloquially called SSL is actually TLS.TLSP (Transport Layer Security Protocol)ISO 10736, draft international standard.

Transposition cipher

The plain text remains the same but the order of the characters is transposed.

Triple DES

An encryption configuration in which the DES algorithm is used three times withthree different keys.


A firm belief or confidence in the honesty, integrity, justice, and/or reliability of aperson, company, or other entity.

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