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Primitive filter

Aa function that applies a single transform to its input set, yielding an output setcontaining only those members of the input set that satisfy the transform criteria.An example would be a search function that accepts only a single string and outputsa list of line numbers where the string was found.

PKCS (Public Key Crypto Standards)

A set of de facto standards for public key cryptography developed in cooperationwith an informal consortium (Apple, DEC, Lotus, Microsoft, MIT, RSA, andSun) that includes algorithm-specific and algorithm-independent implementationstandards. Specifications defining message syntax and other protocols controlledby RSA Data Security Inc.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

A widely available and accessible certificate system for obtaining an entity’s publickey with some degree of certainty that you have the “right” key and that it has notbeen revoked.


The input of a cipher. The cipher starts with plaintext, and uses a key (q.v) to createciphertext.

Pseudo-random number generator

A mathematical process that gives apparently random numbers.

Private key

The privately held “secret” component of an integrated asymmetric key pair, oftenreferred to as the decryption key.

Public key

The publicly available component of an integrated asymmetric key pair oftenreferred to as the encryption key.

Random number

An important aspect to many cryptosystems, and a necessary element in generatinga unique key(s) that are unpredictable to an adversary. True random numbersare usually derived from natural sources.

RC2 (Ron’s Cipher 2)

Variable key size, 64-bit block symmetric cipher, a trade secret held by RSA, SDI.

RC4 (Ron’s Cipher 4)

Variable key size stream cipher, once a proprietary algorithm of RSA Security, Inc.

RC5 (Ron’s Cipher 5)

A block cipher with a variety of arguments, block size, key size, and number ofrounds.


An algorithm developed for the European Community’s RIPE project, designedto resist known cryptanalysis attacks and produce a 128-bit hash value, a variationof MD4.


A U.S.-patented block cipher algorithm developed by M. Wood, using a 160-bitkey and an 80-bit block.


Retraction of certification or authorization.

RFC (Request for Comment)

An IETF document, either FYI (For Your Information) RFC sub-series that areoverviews and introductory or STD RFC sub-series that identify specify Internetstandards. Each RFC has an RFC number by which it is indexed and by which itcan be retrieved (www.ietf.org).

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