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VIII. Выберите нужное причастие (Participle I или Participle II) из данных в скобках. Полученные предложения прочитайте и переведите.

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1. The cause of the accident was a (breaking; broken ) brake lever. 2. The Internet is a global computer network ( having; had ) millions of users all over the world. 3. The internal combustion engine was ( designing; designed ) by Rudolf Diesel. 4. I do not know a man ( speaking; spoken ) over the phone. 5. All the computers ( installing; installed ) in our office were produced in Japan. 6. You can find the telephone number of a specialist ( repairing; repaired) computers in any newspaper. 7. The (receiving; received) information was not correct. 8. The plant (producing; produced) automobiles was built in our city 50 years ago. 9. The rails are (fixing; fixed) to the sleepers with various types of fittings. 10. The (destroying; destroyed) bridge was soon reconstructed. 11. The seats with (building up; built up) TV sets are installed in the new passenger carriages. 12. The bridge (connecting; connected) two islands is being repaired now.

IX. Прочитайте и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на многофункциональность глаголов to be и to have.

A) 1. The seats on the old bus are very uncomfortable. 2. The street traffic was delayed by a demonstration. 3. The road from the airport to town is to be reconstructed. 4. As the stop was a long one, the passengers got off the train. 5. There is a lot of traffic in the morning when everybody is going to work. 6. The train was to arrive at 5 o’clock. 7. The text of the contract will be ready in an hour; the secretary is typing it. 8. The first attempts in designing a robot engine driver were made in 1960’s. 9. We were to meet under the Big Clock at the station. 10. The insurance rate on my car is high because I live in a large city. 11. Liquid goods are carried in tank cars. 12. Some trains are to make stops at all railway stations. 13. All underground stations are of the same size: 6 meters high, 100 meters long and 18 meters wide. 14. The gondola car is a low-sided wagon without a roof. 15. The nearest post office is opposite the bus station.

B) 1. They had an unpleasant voyage from New York to Liverpool because of the storm. 2. She had lost her car keys, so we had to open the door by force. 3. A new ceramic engine has been developed. 4. John had to pay a wrong parking fine. 5. Have you understood how to use this device? 6. The driver started the car after he had examined the engine. 7. You must have a visa to enter a foreign country. 8. If I am late, I shall have to take a taxi. 9. The matter is urgent. We have to phone her immediately. 10. Cars have been cleaned, inspected and repaired in the coach yard. 11. Does he have a map of the London Underground? 12. The first self-propelled car had to stop every 100 yards to make more steam, because the supply of steam lasted only 15 minutes. 13. The engine will have to be dismantled to repair the damage.

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