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Express your opinion on the way our people do shopping. Use the expressions given in the box.

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to know what one wants; to pay great (no) attention to the price, quality, style etc; to compare the prices; to be very particular (indifferent) to smth, to like shopping with friends;


Read some pieces of advice on shopping in England. Do you think they are valid for you as well. Prepare some pieces of advice on shopping you would give your friend. The questions in the box may help you.


The prices of clothes, make-up and accessories have gone sky high, so, it's vital that you don't waste your money and that you shop carefully for value. Be sure of what you want — never shop vaguely because when you get home your purchase may not match anything else you've got. Check out the chain stores first — C&A, Marks and Spencers, Richard Shops, Woolworth, Littlewoods, British Home Stores - they often have some super buys!

Try local shops as they often don't have the high overheads of town shops and can therefore keep prices lower, you don't have the expense of fares, either. Wear comfortable shoes when shopping and take a shopping bag -those paper carries soon mount up. Relax and enjoy it all! Then it'll be fun!


• What goods have risen in price? • Why should you be sure of what you want before you go shopping? • Why is it important to go to the chain shops first? · What shops or markets would you advise your friend to go to to buy smth? • Give two reasons why you might look in local shops rather than chain stores. • What would you advise about how to dress for a shopping trip? • Why should you take a shopping bag? · Why should one be careful buying something at the market?  

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