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Many shops generally deal in certain goods displayed in shop windows and a lot of stores called department stores sell various items of consumer goods under one roof. The department store is a great convenience for customers because it saves our time. In the store customers go to the counters, choose the goods they want and pay at the cash desk. Salesmen or salesgirls stand behind the counters but there are self service departments with no salesmen but only cashiers who sit at the cash desk just in the departments.

In the department store a customer can find: stationery, household goods, electric appliances, crockery and glassware, textiles and other departments.

The hats department sells men’s caps but the millinery department sells kerchiefs, wide-brimmed (fur, felt, straw) hats, berets.

The hosiery handles hosiery like socks (cotton, woolen, nylon), stockings, pantyhose and knitted goods: knitted underwear (slips, singlets, panties), cardigans, jackets, jumpers, pullovers, sweaters, knitted caps, mittens, scarves.

In the drapery one can get a length of cloth (linen, cotton, cotton print, pure silk, rayon, nylon, velvet, all-wool, thick wool cloth).

The ready-made clothes for men department is stocked well with everything a man needs in the way of clothes: shirts, trousers, coats, waist coats, two-piece & three piece suits, overcoats, raincoats.

If a woman wants to buy ready-made clothes (dresses, frocks, gowns, aprons, skirts, blouses, costumes, trouser-suits, coats trimmed with furs of mink, (fox, nutria, muskrat) she goes to the ready-made clothes for women department.

Sports goods department is supplied with trainings, T-shirts, bathing trunks, bathing suits, sports shoes equipment.

Haberdashery handles handkerchiefs, lace, ribbon, tape, thread, needles, safety pins, umbrellas, while men’s haberdashery is stocked with braces, collars, mufflers, shaving-sets, electric razors.

Perfumery offers face creams, powder, cream made compact, eye shadow, lipstick in going shades, perfume (scents), eau de cologne, spray Cologne, lotion, shampoo, soap, nail varnish etc.

Jewellery sells ornaments, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, beads. Brief-cases, handbags, gloves, wallets are sold at leather goods.

At the shoe department one can buy footwear: boots, high booties, fur-lined booties, shoes (made of leather, patent leather, suede), low shoes, high (medium, low)-heeled shoes, rubber shoes, sandals, slippers, canvas shoes, high (low) platform shoes.

In.big department stores they have information bureaus, where a customer can inquire about any goods he would like to buy. If a customer is overloaded with packages the department store can take care of delivery by means of home delivery service and the customer can have his purchases delivered at any time and place he/she wishes.


knitted goods  
men’s wear  
women’s wear  
sports goods    
leather goods -  


8. Imagine you are an announcer at a big store. You should make an announcement about the lay-out of the store and the goods sold in its departments. Make use of the table you have compiled in Ex. 7. Use the following expressions:

Ladies and gentlemen; one of the biggest department stores; to offer a great variety of goods; to have 4/5 stores; to be provided with escalators; to get to the upper floors; to be divided into departments; to be situated on the … floor; to find a good choice of; experienced shop assistants; to help to make your choice; to give any kind of information you need; to have a rest at the coffee bar, situated on the … floor; to enjoy visiting our store; happy bargains.


9. What can you say about shopping in London? The following table can help you to answer this question, but first match the parts of the sentences in accordance with the sense.


1. London prices are not very high and many people come to London a. but the prices there are rather high.
2. The most famous shopping street in London is b. Thursday in the West End of London and the shops stay open till 7 p.m.
3. There are some big department stores where c. on Saturday afternoons.
4. The most famous department store in Oxford Street is Selfridges, d.. are open from 9.a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
5. If you have not got much money, e. and one of them is near Poland Street.
6. They sell ready-to-wear clothes, f.. late shopping night a week.
7. There are two big Marks and Spencer's stores in Oxford Street g.. but also food and some other things.  
8. MostLondon shops i. you can do your shopping at Mark and Spencer's.
9. a few shops do not open j. just to go shopping
10. There is one k. you can buy almost anything you want in a big department store
11. It is l. Oxford Street in the West End


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