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At the Supermarket


Many people prefer doing shopping at 1) __ when they have more time to spare. They do their shopping at big department stores or a supermarket as they can buy a lot of goods more 2) ____ there than at their local grocer’s. They walk around the supermarket and other large food stores looking for 3) _____.

Shopping at supermarkets has many 4) _____. In supermarkets, escalators take visitors to the top floors and down to the parking. The 5) ____is very wide, there are many departments and you can buy all you need under one roof. In one shopping area you can buy a wide range of clothes, footwear, toys, food products, fruit and vegetables, garden tools and furniture.

As a rule, supermarkets are 6) ____ where almost all goods are displayed on the 7) ____. A 8) ____can read the description on the 9) ____and decide what suits him best. Besides, most of the goods are packed, weighed and sorted out according to their weight and qualities. You just go from one 10) _____to another and choose what you need. All your 11) ____ you put in a 12) _____ and pay at the cash desk. Usually, we pay 13) ____but in many shops you can pay with cheque or your credit card, too.

As there are many departments you can stay there hours and hours, walking from one 14) _____to another making your 15) ____. It is very convenient to do the shopping at the supermarket as the 16) ____ here are lower than at many other shops. As shopping takes hours, there are coffee-bars, tea-rooms, cafes or just counters with sandwiches, juice, salads, ice-cream. You can have your meal, enjoy talk with your companion over a cup of coffee or looking through newspapers or just relax for a while. "

In many big shops there are rooms for children. They will be taken care of and amused while their parents do the shopping.

Crowds of people invade big and small shops when there are 17) ____, annuals, semi - annuals or clearance sales. 18) _____are fantastic and people simply sweep away the goods as the sales are good opportunity 19) _____ much money and buy what you need.

Supermarkets attract great numbers of people at Christmas and Easter when many people buy presents for relatives and friends.

For many people, mostly women, shopping is a hobby, they come to dream and choose their future purchases, to stare at the shining 20) _____, no wonder, supermarkets are wonderful palaces and places.


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