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III. Выполните следующие задания.

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  1. I. Перепишите следующие предложения, определите в каждом из них видо-временную форму и залог глагола-сказуемого. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
  2. IV. Перепишите следующие предложения, определите в них видо-временные формы глаголов и укажите их инфинитив; переведите предложения на русский язык.
  3. VI.Переведите следующие предложения, учитывая многозначность слова
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  5. А) Прочитайте вслух следующие предложения.


The proof of the pudding is in its ______________

a) seeing b) speaking c) eating


Great Britain consists of _____________ parts

a) four b) two c) three

An Englishman’s home is his ______________

a) house b) castle c) church


I have always wanted to _____________ to play the piano.

a) know b) understand c) learn


When I arrived home my parents _____________

a) were sleeping b) slept c) have slept


Look! The children ________________

a) play b) are playing c) played


7. My father gave up ________________ three weeks ago.

a) to smoke b) smoke c) smoking


8. If he _____________ we’ll go far a walk.

a) agrees b) will agree c) had agreed


9. There ___________ new English words on the blackboard.

a) is b) be c) are


10. They come to the party, __________________?

a) isn’t it b) won’t they c) don’t they


11. You ______________ to see your granny.

a) should b) ought c) will


12. January is _____________ month of the year.

a) colder b) the coldest c) cold


13. My friend Michael __________ many relatives.

a) has got b) have c) had had


14. What _________ you __________ here, I wonder?

a) is ... doing b) are.... doing c) do ... do


15. He wants to know when his sister ___________

a) will come b) comes c) had come


16. He wants to know about this incident when his sister _____________

a) come b) will come c) comes

17. The jeans you bought for me ___________ fit me.

a) doesn’t b) don’t c) aren’t


18. Gymnastics _________ my favorite sport.

a) are b) is c) be


19. There ____________ plenty of time to watch a football match on television.

a) was b) were c) have been


20. Man _____________ live on bread alone.

a) do not b) is not c) does not


21. __________ there _____________ a lecture tomorrow?

a) Will ___ be b) Shall ____ be c) Would ____ be


22. Hotels are becoming __________________ nowadays.

a) expensiver b) more expensive c) the most expensive


23. The damage to the car could be

a) worse b) bad c) the worst



24. That was _______________ case in his practice.

a) the difficultest b) less difficult c) the least difficult


25. Is there ________ work for you to do every day?

a) many b) little c) few


26. This car uses _________ petrol.

a) much b) many c) a few


27. _________ people are early risers.

a) any b) some c) no


28. Have you got _________ objections?

a) no b) some c) any


29. I don’t know about it: ask ________ else.

a) nobody b) anybody c) somebody


30. Please, _______ be late for classes!

a) not b) don’t c) no


31. He _______ every thing already, now he may go far a walk.

a) does b) has done c) did


32. I ___________ to Japan twice.

a) am b) was c) have been


33. I can’t find my pen, will you give me ________, please?

a) your b) you c) yours


34. - Where are my shoes?

- I saw ________ under the bed.

a) it b) them c) they


35. Give ________ some water.

a) my b) me c) myself


36. What a huge dog! I’m afraid of _________

a) him b) she c) it


37. You must do it by__________

a) her b) himself c) yourself


38. I want you ___________ it

a) do b) to do c) done


39. He made her ____________

a) cries b) crying c) cry


40. Выберите слово с наиболее общим значением

a) island b) sea c) geography d) river


41. Выберите «лишнее» слово

a) honest b) noble c) terrible d) kind


The island is washed by ________ Atlantic Ocean.

a) the b) -- c) a


1) ______ United States of America is 2) ______ richest country in the world.

1) a) - b) the c) a

2) a) the b) a c) -


I hope to find ______ good job.

a) the b) a c) -


– Sorry! - ________________

a) Please b) Thank you c) That’s all right


– How are you getting on?

- ________________

a) OK! b) How do you do? c) Don’t mention it


47. The Hermitage ________ a priceless collection of pictures.

а) contains b) is contained c) containing


48. Though Christmas is celebrated on December 25, the actual date of Christ’s birth _______.

doesn’t know b) not to be known c) is not known


49. Since early times, man ____________ in flight.

interests b) has been interested c) is interested


50. Tell me ________ there is anything else you would like to see in London.

a) if b) what c) that


51. If I were you, I ________ smoking.

a) will stop b) stop c) would stop


52. Tim said that he ________ a horse before.

a) never rode b) has never ridden c) had never ridden


53. _________ Jane look beautiful today?

a) aren’t b) isn’t c) doesn’t


54. St. Basil’s Cathedral __________ in the 18th century.

a) was built b) has been built c) built


55. __________ we had a lot of time, we decided to go to the park.

a) so b) as c) thus


56. It was _________ a boring play!

a) so b) such c) very


57. The weather forecast said that __________.

a) it will rain in the afternoon b) it rains in the afternoon c) it would rain in the afternoon


58. We ate __________ cake. It was delicious.

a) the whole b) each c) the all

59. The English are famous _________ their tea and their weather.

a) in b) for c) with


60. His first story is much more interesting ____________ his second one.

a) as b) before c) than


61. Nobody __________ him.

a) loves b) doesn’t love c)love


62. He began to work __________ .

a) at 16 ages old b) at 16 year old c) at the age of 16


63. “Who __________ the book?” she asked.

a) tore b) did tear c) does tear


64. I go to school __________ foot.

a) at b) on c) in


65. He was __________ some water to drink.

a) looking for b) looking after c) looking at


66. They haven’t finished their dinner _________ .

a) still b) yet c) already


67. ___________ you swim when you were 5 year old?

a) could b) should c) may


68. Neither Alex nor Nick __________ Spanish.

a) know b) doesn’t know c) knows


69. The house stood __________ huge trees.

a) among b) between c) with


70. __________ this painting is better than that one.

a) for my opinion b) to my opinion c) in my opinion


71. Where does he want _________ after classes?

a) to go b) go c) goes


72. Foot - ___________ .

a) foots b) feet c) feets


73. You have never been to the Crimea, ____________?


a) isn’t it b) don’t c) have you


74. Who is that man, ___________ at the window?

a) standing b) stood c) stand


75. Novgorod ___________ in 856.

a) founded b) was found c) was founded



76. I think he speaks German ________ than Hob.

a) good b) better c) more good


77. I’m afraid he’ll be late __________ the concert.

a) for b) in c) at


78. This is the man _________ will help you.

a) what b) which c) who


79. When _________ in London?

a) did you arrive b) you arrived c) you arrive


80. Last night we went to Peter’s birthday party, _________ we enjoyed very much.

a) when b) whih c) whose


81. Their house is nice, but ___________ is better.

a) ours b) our c) we


82. Is there __________ snow in England in winter?

a) many b) large c) much


83. Switch __________ the light, please! It’s very dark in the room.

a) off b) on c) in


84. A friend __________ is a friend indeed.

a) in need b) in misfortune c) in grief


85. Go ________ ! You’re disturbing me.

a) off b) in c) out




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