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I ________________ soon. (to leave)

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I shall be leaving soon. or I will be leaving soon.

1. ____ you _________ coffee? (to make)

2. He ____ not ________ the bus. (to use)

3. He _____________________ a new language. (to learn)

4. ______ you not __________________ your jacket? (to mend)

5. He ______ not ___________________ here. (to stay)

6. ______ we not ___________________ them a card? (to mail)

7. They __________________________ the telephone. (to answer)

8. ______ you ___________________ downtown? (to go)

9. I _____ not __________________ at the school. (to stop)

10. ______ she not ___________________ a trip? (to plan)

11. I ___________________________ the arrangements. (to make)

12. ______ we ___________________ at the library? (to meet)


Exercise 3. Read the following sentences aloud and translate them from English into Russian.

1. Nobody will see us at this time of the day, because everybody will be having their lunch.

2. The plane that they have sent for me will be waiting on April 8th in the desert south of the city.

3. I shall be thinking of you day and night.

4. Have you any idea how long you’ll be staying there?

5. Well, I mean I shall be working as a mechanic most of the time.

6. I’ll be expecting you.

7. Ann will be looking for me.

8. Pitt will be waiting for me in the hall.

9. I shall be reading for the exam day and night.


Exercise 4. Compose a ten sentences story about your future plans using the Future Continuous.


Revision test

- Ask questions to all parts of the sentence.

1. He’ll be coming here in an hour.

2. I’ll be coming to Rutherford Hall presently to have a word with Cedric.

3. By that time he will be experimenting with someone else.

4. He will be working for Mr Kelly as the manager of this shop.

5. He will be waiting to go on with his work.

6. Mind, inspector will be asking you a lot of embarrassing questions.

7. The boys will be seeing you one of these days.

8. Sean will be ringing up tomorrow.

9. She will be visiting you regularly this week.

10. The party will be arriving tomorrow.


Final lexical-grammatical test

- Complete the sentences with I’ll+ a suitable verb.

  1. I’m too tired to walk home. I think ………………. a taxi.
  2. “It’s a bit cold in this room.” “Is it? ………………….. on the heating then.”
  3. “We haven’t got any milk.” “Oh, haven’t we? ………………… and get some.”
  4. “Do you want me to do the washing-up?” “No, it’s all right. ……………… it.”
  5. “I don’t know how to use this computer.” “OK, ……………………… you.”
  6. “Would you like tea or coffee?” “………………. coffee, please.”
  7. “Goodbye? Have a nice holiday.” “Thanks. ……………….. you a postcard.”
  8. Thank you for lending me your camera. ……………… it back to you on Monday.
  9. “Are you coming with us?” “No, I think …………………… here.”


- What do you say in these situations? Write sentences with shall I….? or shall we…?

  1. You and a friend want to do something this evening but you don’t know what. You ask your friend.
  2. You try on a jacket in a shop. You are not sure whether to buy it or not. You ask a friend for advice.
  3. It’s Ann’s birthday next week. You want to give her a present but you don’t know what. You ask a friend for advice.
  4. You and a friend are going on holiday together but you haven’t decided where. You ask him/her.
  5. You and a friend are going out. You haven’t decided whether to go by car or to walk. You ask him/her.
  6. Your friend wants you to phone later. You don’t know what time to phone. You ask him/her.


- Which is right?

We’ll go/We’re going to the theatre tonight. We’ve got tickets.

What will you do/are you doing tomorrow evening?

They’ll go/they’re going away tomorrow morning. Their train is at 8.40.

I’m sure she’ll lend/she’s lending us some money.

“Why are you putting on your coat?” “I’ll go/I’m going out.”

Do you think Claire will phone/is phoning us tonight?

Steve can’t meet us on Saturday. He’ll work/he’s working.

Will/shall you be at home tomorrow evening?

- Write terms to the following definitions:

1. a short descriptive summary; USA and Canadian another name for curriculum vitae

2. to put in an application or request

3. the person who asks the questions in an interview

4. a letter in which you are told, for example, that you have not been accepted for a job

5. tasks that are part of your job

6. a person, business, firm, etc., that employs workers

7. a person's social class, education, training, or experience

8. to do more than one piece of work at a time

9. jobs that no-one is doing that someone is needed to do

10. a profession or occupation chosen as one's life's work

11. an arrangement to meet a person or be at a place at a certain time

12. a form that you fill out when trying to get a job


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