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IV. Study the following table for the stages of education in Britain.

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Stages 1. Play-school or nursery school     2. infant school (junior school)   3. comprehensive (grammar) school   4. college or polytechnic or university Names and years Pre-school education 2 through 5 years old   primary education 5-6 till 12-13 secondary education 12-13 till 16-18   further education or higher education 18 and up Contents of education Mostly playing with some early learning   Basic reading, writing, arithmetics, arts,etc. Wide range of subjects in Arts and Sciences and technical areas Degrees (diplomas) in specialized academic areas

V. Now complete the same table for the stages of education in Ukraine.

VI. Discussion point. Compare the system of education in Ukraine with that of Britain.(What are the similarities and differences? What would you like to take from British system of education?)


VII. Match the words from the table with their correct definitions.

apprentice cadet coach dean discipline headmistress instructor lecturer trainee principal professor pupil student

a) a female teacher in charge of school

b) a person who trains sportsmen for contests or prepares private students for an exam

c) the highest grade of university teacher

d) the lowest teaching rank at a university

e) a person in charge of a division of study

f) a person who teaches you driving

g) the head of some universities and schools

h) a person studying to become an officer in the army or a policeman

i) someone learning a trade who works in return for being taught

j) a person undergoing some form of vocational training

k) anyone devoted to the acquisition of knowledge, especially attending university

l) someone who attends primary school

m) a follower of a religious teacher

VIII. Practise your translation skills. Translate the sentences from Russian into English.

1. Я хочу поступить в институт в этом году.

2. К сожалению, в прошлом году он провалил экзамены и не был зачислен в университет.

3. В этом году будет большой конкурс на отделение международных отношений.

4. Только лучшие из выпускников школ способны выдержать вступительные экзамены.

5. Он первокурсник, а его старший брат в этом году поступил в аспирантуру.

6. Она никогда не пропускает лекции по истории журналистики.

7. Аудитория слушала профессора с большим вниманием.

8. Ты ведешь конспект лекций?

9. В каком году твоя сестра окончила университет?

10. Он не пропускал ни лекций, ни практических занятий по английскому языку, за что и получил зачет автоматом.


IX. Fill the gaps in this story.

At 5, Nelly Dawes went straight to ___________ school, because there were very few ______ schools for younger children in those days. When she was ready to go on to secondary school, she passed an exam and so got into her local _______ school. Nowadays her own children don`t do that exam, since most children go to a _________ school. She left school at 16 and did not go on to ________ education, but she goes to ___________ once a week to learn French. She would like to take up her education again more seriously, if she could get a _________ or scholarship from the government. Her ambition is to go to a _________ and become a school-teacher.


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