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Ex. 5. Be ready to discuss the main ideas of the text in class.

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Vocabulary Study

Ex. 6. Match the terms with their definitions:

1) tariff a) economic policy of restraining trade between states through different methods
2) barrier b) a tax levied on imports or exports
3) protectionism c) an amount of money, such as a tax, that you have to pay to a government or organization
4) levy d) money given as part of the cost of something, to help or encourage it to happen
5) subsidy e) a physical structure which blocks or impedes something


Ex. 7. Stem different parts of speech:

a) verbs b) nouns c) adjectives
1) recession - 1) adjust - 1) economy -
2) failure - 2) allow - 2) prospect -
3) temptation - 3) avoid - 3) transparency -
4) reduction - 4) flourish - 4) industry -
5) subsidy - 5) insure - 5) capital -

Ex. 8. Fill in the right preposition:

1) (…) average, the life expectancy among women is higher.

2) They say that there are no changes in the system (…) sight.

3) They are taking preventive measures, so it shouldn’t happen (…) them.

4) It was a real breakthrough (…) medicine that time.

5) (…) a minimum, there should be some prerequisites for having business together.

6) Last month a new bilateral contract was signed (…) them.

7) He has adjusted (…) the corporate requirements soon.

8) The headquarters of the company was closed as soon as the street riots set (…).

9) Regardless (…) the political situation, the industry was moved offshore.

10) Both parties agreed (…) the terms of payment.


Ex. 9. Match the phrasal verb with its definition:

1) set in a) to cost someone (an amount of money)
2) set up b) to begin; to become fixed for a period of time
3) set back c) to start something
4) turn up d) to be found, esp. by chance; to arrive
5) turn out e) to stop smth.
6) turn off f) to be present at an event; to appear, assemble or attend
7) hold on g) to endure; to last a long time
8) hold back h) to hesitate to act or speak
9) hold up i) to wait or stop; to survive in a difficult situation

Ex. 10. Fill in the right phrasal verb from Ex. 9:

1) His competitors (…) different obstacles on his way but he overcame all of them with dignity.

2) (…) a minute, I will transfer you to the head of the department!

3) The workshops were plunged into darkness. The electricity (…) because of the strike.

4) Severe frosts (…) but they were still at the beginning of the project.

5) The chairman started his speech but suddenly (…) as he did not know how to inform the shareholders about the accident.

6) Where is the invoice? I can’t find it! – Don’t worry, it will (…)!


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