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Speech patterns. Exercise 1. Answer the questions.

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so far дотепер, поки що
as far as (I know, I understand) наскільки (я знаю, я розумію)
as far back as (in the 10th century) ще в (10-му столітті)
by far (better, more clever) набагато (краще, більш розумний)



Exercise 1. Answer the questions.

1. What advantages does the new design have compared to a conventional linear drive? 2. What parts does the conventional harmonic drive consist of? 3. How does a flex spline differ from a circular spline? 4. Why do they use pulleys of different diameters in the harmonic linear drive? 5. How do they save money on using additional pulleys? 6. What is the advantage of the drive’s belt being always in tension?


Exercise 2. Give synonyms to the following words from the text:

advantage, accuracy, to cause, to transmit, rigid, to engage, ratio, to force, to move, to vibrate, average.


8. Cheap Chip Can Drive

to boost підвищувати to run off заміняти
a dishwasher посудомийна машина a shunt resistor паралельний резистор
an appliance прилад interlock блокування
high-end сучасний, потужний short circuit коротке замикання
white goods побутові прилади consumption споживання
average середній a pump насос
a bootstrap capacitor прискорюючий конденсатор an evaluation board демонстраційна плата
a circuit схема; плата to familiarize знайомити


How do you boost electrical efficiency of the brushless motor in a dishwasher, refrigerator compressor, or other appliance? One way is to add a power inverter to match motor speed with load. This is just what appliance manufacturers have done with high-end white goods.

Now Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. claims it has an inverter that is economical enough for average household appliances. Mitsubishi’s Semiconductor European Business Group claims its new single-chip inverter, M81500FP, is the world’s smallest intelligent power module for the 90-watt range. It takes only three passive components – a ceramic bootstrap capacitor, a shunt resistor, and a second ceramic capacitor at the voltage supply pin – to operate the inverter.

At 17.5 millimeters by 11.93 millimeters, the entire printed circuit is designed for surface mounting, a low-cost automated process that bonds chips directly onto circuit boards without additional packaging. It is then run off the appliance’s microcontroller or digital signal processor.

The inverter, which is rated for 500 volts and 1 amp, not only drives the motor but protects against under-voltage, interlock, short circuit, and over-temperature. In case of short circuit, it can turn off the device within 15 microseconds.

The thinking behind all this engineering is to make an inverter inexpensive enough to use with just about any appliance.

The inverter reduces energy consumption, and enables motors and pumps to run smoother and with less noise. According to Van Trung Nguyen, general manager of Power Semiconductors Europe, the design “opens up new marketing and sales opportunities for the manufacturers.”

In addition to the inverter itself, Mitsubishi is offering an evaluation board (EVBM81500FP) that contains a microcontroller so engineers can familiarize themselves with the technology.


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