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Exercise 1. Say whether the statements are TRUE or FALSE. 1. Diamonds are considered the softest natural materials

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1. Diamonds are considered the softest natural materials. 2. Diamond-like coatings decrease pipe’s wear resistance. 3. Diamond-coated parts are used by off-shore gas and oil companies. 4. The coefficient of friction of these coatings is very high. 5. The alternative for diamond coatings is chrome plating. 6. The first diamond-like coatings stuck well to the underlying surfaces.


Exercise 2. Give synonyms to the following words from the text:

beautiful, a firm, a way, to begin, to retain, an option, machining, environment, to require, power, to produce.


6. Small Lathes

a lathe токарний станок a tailstock задня бабка
a shop цех capacity продуктивність
to boost підвищувати to flip перекидати
at a premium в дефіциті available наявний
chuck оправка thereby таким чином
a tool інструмент unattended без участі людини
a turret револьверна головка a feeder завантажувальний механізм
turning токарний secondary допоміжний


A machinery company in Oxnard, Calif., has found that smaller shops increasingly do shorter product runs that include multiple operations. It wants to help them out, so it is offering two small-footprint lathes priced at under $30,000. The company, Haas Automation Inc., says the machines can boost productivity in small and midsize shops where floor space is at a premium.

One of the models, GT-10, has a footprint of 82 × 85 inches, a maximum cutting length of 8 inches, and a maximum cutting diameter of 10 inches. The other one, GT-20, is 96 × 73 inches on the floor, with a cutting length up to 12 inches and a diameter to 11 inches. The GT-10 has a 7.5-hp motor and a price of $25,995. The GT-20 has a 20-hp motor and costs $28,995.

Haas sells the lathes without tooling. Options include a pneumatic chucking system for the GT-10 and a hydraulic chucking system for the GT-20. An optional eight-station tool turret is also available for both machines.

According to Scott Rathburn, marketing product manager at Haas Automation, the GT-10 and GT-20 are smaller, less expensive alternatives to the company’s SL-10 and SL-20 turning centers for shops that don’t need a tailstock or longer turning length capacity. The Haas SL-20, for example, has a maximum cutting length of 20 inches, but the machine is much larger than the GT-20, and has a base price of $54,995.

Haas suggests small lathes for secondary operations in short production runs with multiple orders. Rathburn described one possible scenario. Turned parts often require secondary operations to finish the back side of the part (the portion held in the chuck). If the work is done on a single machine, the operator must manually flip the part and then perform the secondary operation. Each piece is handled twice on the same machine.

For a reasonably small investment, a shop can have a second machine available for the finishing work. The primary turning operations, which typically are more complex and have longer cycle times, can be done on one machine, using a bar feeder and automatic parts catcher to increase throughput and run unattended. The secondary operation can then be done quickly by the same operator on a secondary lathe like the GT-20, and thereby increase productivity.


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