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Sup2;Listening comprehension

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87 Besides their own backgrounds, authors use life stories and experiences of other people. The story

you are going to listen to is called “The Origin of Robinson Crusoe”. Before listening, look at the

words below and make sure you understand them.

a pamphlet – a) a very thin book with paper covers, that gives information about something; b) a treatise on some topic of current issue often critical in content. a violent quarrel - showing very strong angry emotions. an account (of smth) -a written or spoken description that says what happens in an event or process shipwreck - the destruction of a ship in an accident; if someone is shipwrecked, they are in a boat or ship when it is destroyed in an accident. as good as (dead/ruined, etc) – almost. Daniel Defoe Alexander Selkirk

88 As you listen to the story, mark the following sentences as (F) false, (T) true or NT (not mentioned).

1____ Daniel Defoe was a well-established writer before he met the prototype of his main character.

2_____ Alexander Selkirk was a shipwrecked sailor who found himself on an uninhabited island.

3____ He spent four years on that island.

4____ It was quite by chance that he was saved by a ship pulling in to the island for water.

5____When the sailor returned to London, it was with Defoe’s assistance that he published several ac counts of his experiences.

6____ With time his name was well forgotten.

7____ Defoe was carried away by the man’s staunchness and endurance which prompted him to write his book.

8____ The book he wrote was a great success.

9____ It is known the world over as a true story of a sailor Selkirk by name.



89 Listen to the story again and say how these are related to it.

1 1660, 1731, 1712

2 He had not yet started the work that was to make him famous.

3 After a violent quarrel with his officer…..

4 …managing not only to stay alive but also to make himself quite comfortable.

5….. unusual experience had attracted his attention.

6 What would man do all alone? How would he live?

7 Everybody has been reading, enjoying and almost believing it.

8…. while the true story of Selkirk is as good as unknown today.


90 Can you ‘recognize’ the author of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ among the pictures below? And the other




1 2 3


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