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Baggage carts are used for the transportation of luggage, mail, cargo and other materials between the aircraft and the terminal.

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Телеги багажа используются для транспортировки багажа, почты, груза и других материалов между самолетом и терминалом

  1. The trolley or dollies are for containers and palettes are used for the transport of loads placed in containers and on pallets.

Тележка или куколки для контейнеров, и палитры используются для транспорта грузов, помещенных в контейнеры и на поддонах

  1. Aircraft refuelers can be either a self contained fuel truck or a hydrant truck or cart. There is a significant advantage with hydrant systems when compared to fuel trucks, as fuel trucks must be periodically replenished.
  2. The tugs or tractors at an airport are used to move any equipment that can not move itself. This includes bag carts, mobile air conditioning units, air starters, lavatory carts, and other equipment.
  3. A ground power unit is a vehicle capable of supplying power to aircraft parked on the ground.
  4. Buses (shuttle bus) at airports are used to move people from the terminal to either an aircraft or another terminal.
  5. The loader for wide-bodied aircraft (cargo platform) is used for loading and unloading of cargo placed in containers or on palette. The loader has two platforms which independently raise or come down.
  6. The transporters are cargo platforms constructed so that beside loading and unloading can transport cargo.
  7. An air starter is a vehicle with a built-in gas turbine engine which, during the start of aircraft engine, gives the necessary quantity of air to start the engine.
  8. Potable water trucks are special vehicles that fill up drinking water tanks in aircraft.
  9. Lavatory service trucks empty and refill lavatories onboard aircraft. Waste is stored in tanks on the aircraft until these vehicles can empty them and get rid of the waste.
  10. Catering truck includes the unloading of unused food and drink from the aircraft, and the loading of fresh food and drinks for passengers and crew.
  11. Belt loaders are vehicles with movable belts for unloading and loading of baggage and cargo of aircraft. A belt loader is positioned to the door sill of an aircraft hold (baggage compartment) for the operation.
  12. Passenger boarding stairs, sometimes referred to as 'air-stairs' or 'boarding ramps', provide a mobile means to traverse between aircraft doors and the ground.
  13. Pushback tugs are mostly used to push an aircraft away from the gate when it is ready to leave.
  14. De-icing vehicles have booms, like a cherry picker, to allow easy access to the entire aircraft. A hose sprays a special mixture that melts current ice on the aircraft and also prevents some ice from building up while waiting on the ground.
  15. Ambulance is a vehicle for transporting sick passengers
  16. Fire truck is used to extinguish fire
  17. Follow me car or leader van help aircraft to get to the parking stand


Aerodrome vehicles


Truck Car
Fuel tanker Catering Lavatory Potable (drinking) water Snow plough Search and rescue Ambulance Follow me  


Aerodrome vehicles

1. Tug or tractor




2. Ground power unit

наземная силовая установка


3. Cargo loader


4. Belt (conveyer) loader

ленточный погрузчик


5. De-icing truck

противооблединительная установка





  1. 1. Introduce yourself /identify yourself
  2. What aviation college did you graduate from? / What aviation background do you have?
  3. What influenced your decision to choose this job (to be a controller)?
  4. What company did you work after graduation? / What company are you working now?
  5. How long is your work experience as a controller? / How long have you been in your present job?
  6. What position do you hold in the company?
  7. What are your duties? / What are you responsible for? – I coordinate the movement of aircraft in the air
  8. What activities are involved in a controller’s job? –

Typical work activities:

· keeping radio and/or radar contact with aircraft;

· directing the movement of aircraft en route or at an airport;

· instructing aircraft to climb or descend and allocating final cruising level;

· providing information to aircraft about weather conditions;

· making sure that minimum distances are maintained between planes;

· handling unexpected events, emergencies and unscheduled traffic.

  1. How much do controllers’ duties depending on a working sector? - Tower controllers work in towers near the runways of major airports. They give pilots permission to taxi, take off, and land their aircraft; controllers in the radar room observe approaching planes and direct the pilots to runways; once the planes have landed, ground controllers in the tower direct the pilots to their assigned gates. Ground controllers usually work by sight; they use radar only if visibility is poor. For takeoffs, the procedure is reversed; once planes are airborne, their movement is controlled by en route controllers, who work in twenty air-route control centers throughout the country;

What personal qualities are required to be a controller? - the ability to solve problems, decision-making skills, the ability to concentrate and think logically over long periods of time; an ability to respond quickly in emergency situations; good oral communication skills; ability to be decisive and calm in dealing with pilots and other authorities;

  1. You find your job stressful, don’t you?
  2. Do you work shift?
  3. If you had an opportunity to choose a job again, which one would you choose?

Probably it was work on TV. The director, the video operator, the commentator of sports programs

  1. Did you have any incidents related to your work? Talk about one of them.
  2. How do you maintain your professional skills?
  3. What do you enjoy most (least) in your job?
  4. Have you ever been abroad?


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