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Lure of risky behavior - Соблазн рискованного поведения

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Picturesque - usages

! give out vs give away (false promises - пустые обещания)

grasp - usg

?! request + prep

people will be further delayed

thus delaying people further.

can bee reduced by/with smth?

have feelings to? smb

also constitutes a source of annoyance

By smth or with smth?

this is the worst situation in the last / for over 30 years - самое плохое за последние 30 лет

категории товаров в супермаркеете (electronics)

I thought about it yesterday it for some time

I was thinking about it yesterday it for some time

I had been thinking about it yesterday it for some time

insofar as, inasmuch as, nor - usg (without neither)

set me up for

bailing on me

until vs up until (inf?)

stand - stood? - ?

played a huge role in it

hence - usage, examples, punctuation

while vs during - usg, meaning

let me do smth (not "let to do smth"); let me go, thank you for letting me stay over at your house

took a big part in it

В условиях (ограниченной информации)

on Tuesday's night, on Monday's morning

one of (the) many - ?

be the happiest of all, be the wisest of all (быть счастливей всех) - (NOT out of all)

наследственная болезнь от родителей - inherited it from parents?

favorability score

задумчиво - ponderously - ?

personal concerns - meaning?

sport degree - ?

прибыль (revenue - ?)

meet in person - ?

influenced me a great deal of my life - ?

be liable for smth - нести ответственность ?

we did not know what (had?) happened to him until now

adversarial relations with the West

I would probably have done it if it were(?) not for…

привлечь внимание - stress, accentuate?

акцентировать внимание ?

Типа зарактера

sanguine - playful

choleric - energetic, leader-like

melanholic - analytical, quiet

phlegmatic - calm, patient


If I organized the event, I would have to spend time finding a location, speakers, … (bc specific speakers - for the event) (not "on")

work on smth

spend/waste time doing smth (NOT "on smth")




It would be most convenient for me not to have to share my room with someone else - what kind of structure is that?

better -> for me if I did not have to share

Not all of them understand well enough in which ways (replace with "how") all these studies will be beneficial for them in the future.

Высокий уровень языка показывает употребление инверсий.

the system we want our society to have(inversion of verb, not “the system, which we want in our society”)

Down the street lived the man and his wife without anyone suspecting that they were really spies for a foreign power. - ?



Not all of them understand what way they would benefit by studying.

A second measure would be for governments to encourage immigration. (should it be "The second" ?)

my health deteriorated rapidly after I started to play computer games (check tense)



I recently went on holiday to Estonia (tense)


hope =

uf днях

в ближ время


be attractive for/to


benefit of or benefit to?

There are several benefits to building more nuclear power stations. (simon)



+ Answers

labor and production costs

There were a chair and two tables

There were a nice table and two chairs in the room


I hope for …

What are you hoping for? (at the end - only in questions)


this can be used interchangeably with it, but "it" puts more emphasis on the referenced object


their own families, not their own family


By vs with

by - with action. I bake the bread byusing an old coal oven; by listening etc. Jack studied vocabulary by using a dictionary.

with - with noun (object). tool, ingredient etc. You can make bread with any kind of flour.

Jack studied vocabulary with a dictionary.

passive + by - to show who or what did the action; The power was knocked out by the hurricane



this vs that - I want to become rich and famous. This is my goal


Pr Perf - just

would have ment smth

we are going to the club on Tuesday night - запланировано

he did smth earlier

He has done smth before

Other types of work are those of a blue-collar worker and a pink-collar worker.

to the west of (small letter)

beneficial to ("beneficial for" can also be used, but better use "beneficial to")


What do we need for our trip (apart from ) besides a sleeping bag?



Mark Thompson took pictures with the stuffed penguin his girlfriend had given him.

My friend went to Iran. After he had uploaded photos from his trip, I saw that there was nothing there but sand and desert.


"I thought about it yesterday for some time"

If you want to emphasise the process you can say "I was thinking about it yesterday for some time."


whole vs all

When we cannot split a thing into parts - we use ONLY "whole"

When we can split up a thing into parts, we can use either "whole" or "all"

the whole - it is better (safer) to use "the whole" all the time

for the whole humanity

She ate the whole orange; She ate all of the orange.

can say: to prefer smth to smth, to prefer smth over smth, he prefers to stand rather than to sit


I'm currently resolving the issues that I have been working on for the last five years



preposition in second part is omitted

to see and do (not "to see and to do")

Not only is Matthew going to Egypt for a month, but also Greece for a couple of weeks.

What you need to do first is -/to check the temperature of the water (both a correct)

They mayhave inherited money from parents, married a famous or wealthy person, or they may have appeared in gossip magazines or on a reality TV programme. (2nd part - omitted, but 3rd part - added. Noun is alwsys omitted).

who would have gone, seen what thedisease was, seen how far it had spread (no "have")


marry a famous or wealthy person (no "a" in the second part)

- no noun ("it") after "and"

'I would definitely recommend it to other people, and have told people about it back home.'


! Vocabulary - Topics


I am Dmitry, I was born in Ulyanovsk, a mid-size town in the very heart of Russia, located and the right bank of the Volga river. After I had finished [having finished] secondary school I moved here, to Spb, and entered



My father is…, my mother is…


I am used to fight for my dreams


What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over. - If a person doesn't know about something, it cannot hurt them.

made it to the goal line

be proud of smth

стремление – aspiration, striving, pursuit, to seek for. have aspirations, career aspirations

abstain from alcohol/smoking

lure of risky behavior - Соблазн рискованного поведения

adrenalin junky

a very determined person, determined to do smth - целеустремленный, решительный

fall out - ?

Luckily, I have managed to get over all difficulties I have encountered in my life so far

? - succeeded in persuading (pursuing - ?) my dream of smth

to strive for your dreams - стремиться к своей мечте. strive for excellence; to strive to do smth

to aspire to smth- to have a strong want or hope to do or have something. aspire to fam. aspire to be a great writer.


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