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New York and London

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a) What do you know about New York and London? Have you been there? What did you do? What did you think of these cities?


b) Work in two groups.

Group AListen to Sheila and Bob talking about when they lived in New York.

Bob and Sheila spent two years living in New York because of Bob’s work as a banker. Neither of them had lived in a big city before. They now live back in England, in a small village outside London.

Group BListen to Terry. She is an American who lives in London

Terry Tomscha talks about her experience of living and working in England, where she has been for the past eleven years.


c) What do they/does she say about the following things?

1 People What are they like? What is important to them? What do they like doing? Where do they live? 2 Shops What are they like? Do they like them? What time do they open? 3 Work and holidays 4 Transport What do they mention? 5 General opinions -- Is it a good place to live? Why?    


d) Find a partner from the other group. Compare your information.


Exercise 7

Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick by it. If a line has a word which should not be there, write it in the space provided. There are two examples at the beginning (0) and (00).


0 I live in Mexico City. To me, it is the most exciting and most __most__
00 friendliest city in the world, but I have to admit that it can _______­­­_
1 be more uncomfortable and very more stressful than other ________
2 places. It is the oldest city in North America and was being built ________
3 on the remains of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. It is also ________
4 one of the much most modern; new buildings and roads are always ________
5 being constructed, making districts you thought you knew more well ________
6 look unfamiliar! If I would feel like a less urban sight, I raise my ________
7 eyes and look at the mountains which surround the city like as ________
8 the rim of a dish. In the south east there are two volcanoes, ________
9 Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl, which are permanently be covered ________
10 with snow. If fewer have had cars in Mexico City, we would ________
11 be able to enjoy this poetic sight many more often. Unfortunately, ________
12 the pollution usually prevents you from seeing vary far at ________
13 all. Newcomers, even young ones, sometimes look like as if ________
14 they are old and sick because the altitude (2,240 meters) can ________
15 make breathing it difficult at first. But, if I could live anywhere in the world, I would still choose Mexico City. ________

Exercise 8

Translate into Ukrainian.

1.This year come to Rio! See the dancing and the costumes and hear the music, at the most famous carnivalin the world. And live in luxury at a beautiful hotel. 2.Now is the time to think about next year’s vacation. And why not think about London? No other city offers you more. There’s more history: see where modern democracy has its roots, in the British Parliament. There’s more tradition: all over Britain you can enjoy annual festivals that have been held each year for many, many years. There’s more shopping: look at all the beautiful stores around our famous Trafalgar Square. 3.What city has more ancient monuments than any other? What city was founded by two children who were raised by a wolf? Where can you see the sculpture that commemorated the birth of those two children? In what city can you see the most ancient metropolitan area? Where else but Rome? Come and experience it. 4.You say you love winter recreational activities? In Helsinki you can leave your hotel, put your skiis on at the door and go cross-country skiing through the streets and into the woods. And we may be small, but we are not provincial. You’ll find the best food, the most up-to-date hotels. Finland - the heart of Scandinavia.


— Speaking

You live in a large city. You think that life in this city has deteriorated a lot, and you think that the mayor and the city government should do something about it. Tomorrow you are going to a strike, and you want to present a list of complaints. Prepare a 5 minute speech where you will explain why you consider the problems below so serious.

1.The government of the city has reduced the number of police in the street, the government doesn’t give people enough protection.

2.Before the people elected the mayor, he had promised that taxes would go down, but this year the city has taxed them at even higher rate.

3.Last year the government of the city told the people that the streets would be repaired immediately, but they didn’t repair most streets until the election time.

4.The city wastes too much money on parties for important people.

5.The city does not protect its monuments. They had just cleaned the statue in front of the park when someone wrote on it.

6.Last summer the mayor promised to install new street lights in the neighbourhood. By December they had still done nothing.


Exercise 9

Translate into English.

Місто Київ

На півночі України вздовж мальовничих берегів Дніпра розкинулося прекрасне квітуче місто Київ. Історія цього стародавнього міста охоплює більш ніж 15 віків, сповнених драматичних подій і героїчних вчинків. Не раз місто вщент руйнувалося іноземними загарбниками, але знову і знову воно піднімалося з руїн. Яскраве минуле Києва завжди привертало увагу мільйонів туристів. Його архітектурні пам’ятники, музеї, художні галереї, театри відомі в усьому світі.

Але наше місто славиться не тільки своїм минулим. Віками Київ був златоглавою столицею України. Характер і ритм життя у місті повністю відповідає його статусу політичного, економічного, адміністративного і культурного центру. Значна частина промислової міці країни зосереджена в Києві. Столиця є також місцем розташування Академії Наук, десятків дослідних і проектних організацій, державних рад, мистецьких спілок, понад 20 вузів, видавництв, кіностудій, бібліотек й музеїв.


Київ - місто жвавих сучасних житлових масивів, сполучених зручними транспортними шляхами. Більш того, наврядчи є на Україні таке місто, яке б могло пишатися такою кількістю і красою парків відпочинку, що ваблять приємним затінком і пропонують безліч розваг. Тут ви не зіткнетеся з труднощами, де провести свій вільний час, і як туди дістатися. Маршрути aвтобусів, тролейбусів, трамваїв, поїздів метро пролягають через усе місто і далеко за його межі.


Exercise 10

One of the most innovative architects in your area has just persuaded a group of wealthy people to finance the building of a new town. The location is in the heart of one of the richest agricultural areas in the country. You are a member of a preliminary design committee chosen because of your creativity on past projects. Your task is to design and present a layout of the city. It has an area of three square miles. The maximum population of the town at any future time will be 15000 people.


1. According to the guidelines of the country, your city must initially have at least:

1 police station and 1 fire station, 1 sports arena, 2 medical clinics or hospitals, 3 shopping centres, 5 community gardens, 40 businesses, 1500 houses, 1500 appartments, room for development, highways, a thoroughfare, side-walks, two-way roads, bypasses, 2 embankments, the main motorway.

2. Mark on your plan and explain the location of:

cultural centre, the suburbs, the residential area, the business district, the rural area.

3.Verbally compare your decisions with those of your friends in your discussion group. Explain and defend your opinions. Listen carefully to your classmates’ opinions, but do not be afraid to disagree with them. Try to reach a group concensus on the best solution to the problem.

4. Discuss.

a. Imagine that there is one large piece of undeveloped property in the centre of a small town. Would you prefer that the land be used for (choose): a park, a factory, a department store, a meeting place for young people, tennis and basketball courts or something else? Why?

b. Should the government of a town control each type of building in the town? For example, if a person wants to build a house should the government approve the plans first? Explain.

— Speaking

How do you think your life in your city will be different in ten years? Will you be swimming in a pool on the roof of the skyscraper you live in? Will the entrance to all museums be free? With the partner talk about things you think you’ll be doing in ten years. Each student should mention five things. Then tell the class what your partner will be doing in ten years.

Example: Alexander will be driving his own car in the air as in ten years there will be air roads, and cars will be able to fly. He will also have a video telephone in his flat.

Exercise 11





place where your family lives (4)

opposite of city (7)

area near to or round a place (12)

hills, trees, fields, etc. considered as things to look at (7)

the world of animals, insects and plants (6)

hills, trees, fields, etc. make this environment (11)


Exercise 12

No cities or towns are perfect. Think of your home city or townwhere you are from.

a. Draw a detailed map of your native town or city (district), and explain the rationale for its organization.

b. Write 5 things you like about it and 5 things you dislike. Explain your decision.

c. Imagine that you are elected the government of a town. What would you do to make life better for its citizens?


& Reading

1. Would you like to live on a small island? Why/Why not?

You are going to read an article about a family who moved to a remote island. Why do you think they wanted to move?


2. First read the false summary and spot the mistakes by guessing. Then listen to the text of and find out if your guesses were correct. Can you think of a title for the text?

The Sirrs sold their farm in Yorkshire to move to the Welsh island of Graemsay. The family viewed the property in September. The deal was astonishing – the “estate” comprised a post office, six villas and a private sandy beach. On the first trip, the Sirrs met many of the island’s tourists and were given a warm meal. The move has brought new challenges to the family. Rob and Jill have started a cattle farm. The only thing they miss is going to the zoo. The children are the only pupils at the school and take advantage of the school’s free facilities. The family consider themselves lucky.


3. This article is about a family who moved to an island. For questions 1-6, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Many people long to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. But few people would actually give up a warm comfortable home to move to a remote island in the middle of the North Sea. The Sirrs family, however, decided to do exactly that. Unhappy with their busy lifestyles they sold their 400 year-old cottage in Yorkshire to move to the tiny Scottish island of Graemsay.

Incredibly, for less than the price of a modest semi-detached house, it was possible to buy half of the island. Attracted initially by the low price, Rob and Jill contacted the agent concerned and discovered that “the estate” advertised actually comprised a post office, six houses and a private sandy beach – all for $ 60,000.

Interested, the young couple and their three children decided to go and have a look. Knowing that the island would look its best in the summer, they chose to view the property in December. They didn’t want to be under any illusions. Despite a seasonal chill, the weather was clear and the sea calm. The island looked more beautiful than they could ever have imagined. While they left their children playing on the beach, the Sirrs looked around and realized that the deal was even more astonishing than they had first thought. The six-bedroom house came with a farm and 300 acres of land.

Once on the island the Sirrs tried to imagine what life could be like for them. They were anxious to meet their neighbours as soon as possible. However, they had no need to worry. On that first trip they met up to half of the sixty or so island inhabitants and were given a warm welcome! The couple were thrilled that the people of Graemsay were so friendly. Many of them urged the couple to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Within two weeks of their visit, the Sirrs’ bid of $55,000 was accepted.

The move has brought new challenges to the family. Rob and Jill have started a sheep farm and renovated the cottages to rent out as holiday homes. They insist that the only thing they miss about their previous life is going to the cinema. If anything, moving to the remote island has brought the family closer together.

Before they moved, the Sirrs thought long and hard about bringing their children up in such a remote place. But the children are young enough to adjust and seem happier in the new environment.

They are content with their own company and make their own entertainment. Although they are the only pupils at the local school, they receive lots of attention and are able to take advantages of the school’s modern facilities.

Since the move, the family have been visited by many friends who are envious of their beautiful surroundings. The family consider themselves lucky. For very little cost, they have all the benefits of a beautiful place to live. They also hope that by improving their property they can, in future, give something back to the island.


1. Why did the Sirrs family move to the island?

A. They had always wanted to live on an island.

B. It was a chance to escape.

C. They hated Yorkshire.

D. Their children were unhappy at school.

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