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Cassette/CD. Background

The oversized phone box in the first advert emphasises i a humorous way how small and compact the car is.

The second advert tries to make the point that accidents can happen at any time and drivers need to be careful.

The third advert warning about passive smoking uses the cowboy made famous by Marlboro cigarette adverts. Because of the cowboy's smoking, the horse has died of passive smoking.


Ex erase 1

KEY WORDS: Opinion adjectives amusing, attractive, awful, boring, brilliant, clever, colourful, dull, offensive, ridiculous, serious, sexist, shocking, silly, successful, tasteless, terrible, unusual, weird

ч___________________________________________________________ ✓

■ Give students time to read through the Key Words and check the meaning in the Mini-dictionary. Check pronunciation and word stress by asking individuals to say the words.

■ Students look at the adverts and, working in pairs or small groups, discuss which Key Words they could use to describe them.

■ Students discuss their opinions as a class and see if most of the class have chosen the same adjectives. Encourage students to give reasons for their choice of adjectives.

■ As a class, students discuss the messages of the adverts, giving their reasons. Tell students there is no single 'correct' opinion or interpretation of the adverts.

Exercise 2

■ Read through the questions with the class. Give students time to think about their answers and ask you for any vocabulary they need.

■ In small groups, students discuss the questions. Ask each group to make a note of their answers and conclusions.

■ The groups report back to the class, summarising their answers and giving their reasons.

Exercise 3

KEY WORDS: Advertising Expressions (1) absolutely delicious, bargain prices, cool, distinctive, durable, fantastic value for money, good flavour, guaranteed, high/top quality, something special, stylish, tasty, totally reliable, unique, waterproof

Read through the Key Words with the class and give students time to check the meaning in the Mini- dictionary.

Students list the expressions that show good value and those that show good quality. Tell students that there may be some words that do not fit in either category. After checking students' answers, ask them to suggest a category for the words that are left (e.g. cool, stylish «= fashionable).

Suggested answers

a bargain prices, fantastic value for money b absolutely delicious, distinctive, durable, good flavour, guaranteed, high/top quality, something special, tasty, totally reliable, unique, waterproof

Suggested category for the remaining words (cool, stylish) could be 'fashionable'.

О Exercise 4

■ Read through the descriptions (a-f) with the class. Encourage students to predict what sort of products could match the descriptions.

■ Play the recording once for students to match the adverts with the descriptions and to see if any of their predictions were correct.

■ Check answers by playing the recording again, pausing it after each advert to check the answer.

4b 5 f

■ After checking answers, ask students to suggest a product for the extra description (healthy and natural), e.g. a breakfast cereal, fruit juice, a shampoo.


1e 2c 3a


■ To practise using advertising expressions.

■ To read and understand a selection of adverts and give opinions about them.

■ To practise using strategies for dealing with idiomatic expressions.

■ To talk about different products. Resource used

Cassette/CD. Background

The adverts in both the main texts and the speaking information-gap activity have been made up. Only the Norah Jones CD is a real product. However, the 'Musicman' digital stereo is based on the new ipod digital stereo produced by Apple.

The quote is by Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), a Canadian writer. He was a specialist in culture and communications media. He believed that the invention of printing, by emphasising the visual rather than the aural, encouraged people to be more self-centred and individualistic.

Routes through the material

>- Short of time: give some of the exercises for homework, e.g. Exercises 2, б and 7.

>■ Plenty of time: do the Options.

»- 2 classes for this lesson: break after Exercise 4.

Before you start Exercise 1

' KEY WORDS: Advertising Expressions (2) [4]compact shape, debut performance, dreamy melodies, exclusive resorts, five-star restaurants, flat screen, full of fun, permanent Internet connection, luxurious suites, masculine scent, natural ingredients, sensual and refreshing

■ Students read through the Key Words and check the meaning and pronounciation in the Mini-dictionary.

■ In pairs or small groups, students discuss which of the products they think the Key Words refer to.

■ The groups then feed back to the class. If students disagree, encourage them to give reasons for their answers. Students check their answers in Exercise 2.


Exercise 2

■ Ask students to look at the pictures in the adverts and to say what they think each picture is advertising.

■ Tell students to read the adverts fairly quickly to find the advertising expressions from Exercise 1 and to check their answers. Reassure students that they do not need to understand every word in the adverts at this stage.

Hodnk 9 17 Persuasion

■ Ask individual students to read aloud the sentences containing the expressions. Correct any serious pronunciation errors.


a debut performance, dreamy melodies b exclusive resorts, five-star restaurants, full of fun, luxurious suites

с masculine scent, natural ingredients, sensual and refreshing d compact shape, flat screen, permanent Internet connection

Exercise 3

■ Read through the expressions (1-6) with the class and check that students understand the vocabulary, e.g. come out (come on to the market).

■ Students do the exercise working individually.

■ When checking answers, ask students to read aloud the expression in the advert that gives the answer. Encourage students to guess the meaning of It's a piece of cake in advert 1 from the context and tell them they will have more practice with phrases like this in Exercise 5.


Option ■ If you wish, discuss the Quote ... Unquote.

1 CD (the 'critics' recommend it) 2 mobile phone (free connection, software and car charger) 3 mobile phone (it's a piece of cake to use) 4 aftershave (introductory/brand new) 5 mobile phone (it has the edge over all other models) / holidays (best holidays in the world) 6 mobile phone (14-day money back guarantee)


■ Write the sentences below on the board. Students refer to the adverts and say if each sentence is true or false and correct the false sentences.


1 With the Babel BX99 you can send photos with music. (T)

2 You can get your money back for the Babel BX99 for up to a month after you bought it (F - up to two weeks after you bought it)

3 Refresh is not good for men with dry skin. (F - Icefresh suits all skins.)

4 Norah Jones is 22 years old. (T)

5 Rickie Palmer thinks other people will be disappointed with the CD. (F - He thinks they won't be disappointed.)

6 On an 'out-of-this-world experience' holiday, you can have free hang-gliding lessons. (T)

Exercise 4

■ Read through the questions with the class and check that students understand the vocabulary (e.g. tempted, exaggeration).

■ Students work in groups, discussing the questions. Remind students to use the Opinion adjectives on page 57. Tell the groups to make a note of their answers. Monitor but do not interrupt students' fluency.

■ The groups report back to the class and see how much general agreement there is.

Skills Focus

■ Encourage students to evaluate what was good or successful in their group discussion and what they found most difficult, e.g. Did they use opinion adjectives? Was it difficult to express their reasons for their opinions? Give the class your own evaluation and, if necessary, go over any general language problems you noted when monitoring the group discussions.

Earn 5

■ . vck that students understand the phrase idiomatic saressions. Students may find it helpful to think of two or three examples from their own language.

• 5ead through the Strategies with the class and then use tie Strategies to work through the example (smooth as -cney). Ask students if there is a similar expression in neir own language. Advise students to make a separate section in their notebooks or vocabulary books for vJiomatic expressions.

Vocabulary: Idiomatic Expressions

u erase 6

• Students do the exercise working individually or in pairs.

■ When checking students' answers, encourage them to explain how they used the Strategies, e.g. What image does the expression create? What clues in the context were helpful?

■ In turn, students tell the class about the product and mention the five good things about it. Encourage the rest of the class to ask questions at the end of the presentation if they wish.



■ Read the quote with the class. Ask students to give some examples of 'art forms' (music, art, literature, dance, sculpture, film, photography). Ask students if they think advertising is an art form (giving their reasons). Do they think advertising is the 'greatest' art form of the last century? What new art forms do students think there will be in the twenty-first century? (text-messaging? computer graphics?)




[lc 2e 3a 4b 5i 6d 7f 8h 9g

Exercise 7

• Check students' answers by asking individuals to read aloud the sentences.


1 a piece of cake 2 have the edge over 3 sit back 4 warm welcome 5 not to be sniffed at 6 breath of fresh air


Exercise 8

■ Read through the instructions with the class.

• Divide the class into A/B pairs. Student A reads about 'Handycom' on page 129 and Student В reads about 'Musicman' on page 130. Help individual students if they have problems understanding any new words in their texts.

■ Students work in pairs, taking turns to ask and answer questions. Monitor but do not interrupt students' fluency.

■ Some of the pairs can say one of their dialogues for the class to hear. Go over any general language difficulties with the class.

■ Ask students which product they think is most useful. Would they like (one of) these things?

Exercise 9

■ Read through the instructions. Elicit suggestions for more products from the class.

■ Ask one of the students to read aloud the example sentences. Elicit suggestions for other good things to say about the CD, e.g. type of music, any brand new music, the singer, the band, recommended by other people, price. Ask the class to suggest good things to say about different (non-music) products, e.g. guaranteed, free extras, style and colour, size, natural, easy to use, reliable, durable.

■ Students work individually, making notes about their product. Remind students not to write complete sentences but just list the main points they want to say. Monitor and help with vocabulary and pronunciation where necessary. Students may like to draw a picture of their product to show the class when they are talking about it.

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