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Resource used. Routes through the material

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Routes through the material

>• Short of time: give some of the Review exercises for homework.


О Exercise 1

■ Do the first item with the class.

■ Students then complete the exercise working individually. Remind them to think about the correct verb tense to use when rewriting the sentences. Students can compare answers in pairs before checking answers in the next exercise.

■ Students listen to the recording and check their answers. Tapescript and answers

1 The first newspaper was published by the Romans in 59 ВС.

2 The British Royal family are followed by photographers everywhere.

3 Radio communication was invented by Marconi in 1894.

4 The Times has been published in London since 1788.

5 The media are being changed by digital technology.

6 The Internet is used by over eighty million people around the world.

7 Is too much violence shown on television?

8 A new drama series hasn't been produced by Channel 4 for months.

О Exercise 2

■ Students listen again and underline the part of the passive verb that is stressed.

■ Check students' answers by asking individuals to read aloud the sentences and stress the correct part of the passive verbs.


The stressed part of each passive verb is underlined in the tapescript above.

Exercise 3

■ Read through the list of verbs and the example sentence with the class.

■ Students do the exercise working individually.

■ Check answers by asking individuals to read aloud the sentences.

a Students work individually or in pairs, finding three more words from the module and writing definitions and example sentences. Allow students to refer to the Mini- dictionary (or another good dictionary) to help them with the definitions. Monitor the activity and help where necessary.

■ In groups or as a whole class, students read aloud their words, the definitions and the example sentences.

■ Give students time to copy the words, definitions and example sentences into their vocabulary books.

Exercise 5

■ Students write the compound adjectives.

■ When checking students' answers, ask individuals to write the compound adjectives on the board so that you can check punctuation and spelling.


2 a long-haired boy 3 an eight-week summer holiday 4 a two-hour journey 5 an all-night party б hand-made jewellery

Pronunciation: Word Stress

О Exercise 6

■ Students work in pairs, marking the main stress in the words before they listen to the recording.

■ Students then listen to the recording and check their answers. Check that students have identified the stress correctly by asking individuals to write the words on the board and to underline the main stress.

■ Play the recording several times for students to listen and repeat the words.

Tapescript and answers

1 advert/advertisement 2 popular/popularity 3 celebrate/celebrity 4 music/musician 5 photograph/photographer 6 organise/organisation 7 publish/publicity

Exercise 7

■ Students work in pairs, working out the proverb. Answer

No news is good news.

■ As a whole class, students discuss what they think the proverb means (Bad news travels fast so, if you haven't had any news, it probably means that everything is fine and nothing is wrong). Ask students if there is a similar saying in their own language.

Check Your Progress

■ In groups, students discuss the answers to the three questions.

■ The groups can then report back to the whole class and see if there is general agreement about the answers.




2 have/get it serviced 3 have/get it cut 4 have/get my ears pierced 5 have/get it photocopied б have/get it fixed


Exercise 4

■ Students match the words with the definitions. Answers

Id 2 e 3b 4c 5a

f Mvwfimt]

"odule Objectives

>aw students' attention to the Module Objectives. Point ut that the objectives cover the four language skills speaking, listening, reading and writing) and ask ;:udents which of the activities in each skill they do in Teir LI and which they have done in English.

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