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Why choose us

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In picking our nannies we do not rely on a formal screening process alone but look for essential professional and personal qualities in candidates including strong commitment to a nanny profession, good education, great communication skills, genuine love for children, understanding of children's well-being and of course a sense of humour.

Searching for household staff is a complex and complicated task, which requires a meticulous approach. Our task is to find people who are not only high skills professionals at their jobs, but also entirely trustworthy. Our aim is not to find a candidate as quickly as possible, but to find the right candidate, which will invariably take higher level of effort and care. Our HR managers canvass each candidate, followed by a thorough interview, which determines their professionalism and suitability. Finally the successful candidates are given a psychology test to identify their full characteristics relevant for working as a nanny.

We look for nannies that love children, and see this as much more than just a job. We select nannies as though we would pick them for ourselves. The manager is not just an experienced hiring manager, but is your personal assistant in finding the right domestic staff. When searching for suitable applicants the specific needs and requirements of the family are prioritised. This approach allows us to choose the professionals who will work in the family for a long period of time.

We guarantee:

Ø Careful passport, medical and police checks of our employees;

Ø Psychological testing and interviewing of candidates;

Ø Thorough check-up of previous places of work and references;

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